Nicki’s Heartbreak with Angie Martinez

Nicki’s Heartbreak with Angie Martinez

After watching Nicki’s interview with Power 105.1’s Angie Martinez, I had to rush to check out Nicki’s third album, The Pinkprint. Nicki was her beautiful crazy self during the interview but for a moment she broke down and cried and it honestly made me shed a tear.

She discussed how the ***Flawless remix came about, relationships with August Alsina, Drake, and her ex Safaree Samuels, going on a rap tour, and The Pinkprint.

Angie didn’t want to get too deep into the touchy subject but Nicki pretty much gave us the tea on her 14-year relationship with Safaree Samuels and how it affected The Pinkprint. So basically Angie was telling Nicki from the album she can tell that she was really depressed, hurt, and angry through the 21 tracks.

From everything that Nicki said she’s in the shoes that some of us girls have all been through in a bad breakup. From missing asking for your man’s opinion, to being attached, and everything that comes with a long committed relationship is what she said she was dealing with right now. She said she’s never lived her life as a famous person without him and she doesn’t know how she’s going to function without him, but this shall pass.

Seeing Nicki break down over her relationship really made me feel like she was my best friend and she was confiding in me through the screen. I felt like I knew her and I could definitely relate. I’m sure most of the females who have watched the interview and been in a relationship can relate to her situation.

After drying my eyes listening to my best friend’s heartbreak, I had to go listen to The Pinkprint! The next day I listened to the whole album and I really did enjoy the music. You can really tell that she was hurt yet you still get the fun Nicki on songs like Feeling Myself.

I’m excited about this rap tour that is in the works for the summer because I’ve never been to a Nicki Minaj concert. She’s trying to decide on whom to bring on tour with her and from the conversation, with her and Angie, Meek Mill and August were good candidates.

Then she was so cute talking about how she wants to have a family and have kids sometime after her fifth album and just imagining a little Nicki is like having another Blue Ivy or North West. Everyone would be obsessed because she would be such a cute mommy.

I seriously watched this interview three times and after seeing it, I’m convinced she and I are now best friends because she’s such a beautiful and relatable person!



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