VH1’s Sorority Sisters Disgracing the Legacy of the Divine 9

VH1’s Sorority Sisters Disgracing the Legacy of the Divine 9

Part of the cast of the new series.

Monday night, VH1’s newest reality show ‘Sorority Sisters’ premiered though thousands signed a petition to prevent it from airing. Twitter and Instagram flooded with furious Black Greeks that felt that the nine women on the show were a disgrace to each sorority that they belong to.

Leave it up to Mona Scott-Young to give the public another show that gives the impression that all black women know how to do is argue and be petty. Why the creator of the Love and Hip-Hop series decided to go through with another series exploiting black women as if we don’t have enough already is beyond me.

HBCU students and black Greeks everywhere were definitely outraged and disappointed with how these ladies were portraying sorority women. The show follows members from Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta, and Sigma Gamma Rho, which are sororities from the Divine Nine that have been around for nearly 100 years or more.


HBCU activist twitter page, Young Gifted & Ratchet shares opinion.

After seeing these women bicker and argue for an hour I just came up with the theory that the whole show is very scripted because of all the extra that went on. Referring to themselves in third person, battle of boutiques, and questioning others about being perpetrators just made all of them seem very immature.

Many Greek organizations are taking further actions to remove the show from airing like tweeting and emailing sponsor companies like Old Navy, Best Buy, Visa, and many more that they can no longer support their business if they continue to support Sorority Sisters while also hash tagging #BoycottSororitySisters.


Scene from a conflict in the first episode.

I am not Greek but the way these ladies acted on camera was not what I know sororities stand for. Each and every sorority on my campus of Prairie View A&M University exhibits women who many girls on campus look up to. They are very well put together, productive, and show a very strong sense of sisterhood. I definitely feel that Sorority Sisters is another ratchet TV show just used to make a mockery of black women while making money off of them. It definitely tarnishes the legacy of each sorority and I just hope this show gets off the air before another episode releases.



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