#THINKTINK: 5 Reasons Why I Love Tink !

#THINKTINK: 5 Reasons Why I Love Tink !
  1. She’s my best friend! Tink really makes you feel like you’re her best friend through her music! She’s so personable and makes you feel some type of way because whatever she’s singing or rapping about, we’ve seen it or been through it!  She’s literally telling your story, your sister’s story, or your best friend’s story. When I listen to her I just keep thinking ‘yes girl you really understand me’ especially on ‘Treat Me Like Somebody’ & ‘Don’t Tell Nobody’ featuring Jeremih. It’s all relatable.
  2. She’s the voice of the young people. I don’t know if y’all remember back in the day when Lil’ Mama was calling herself ‘the voice of the young people’ and actually named her album that; well I’m taking that title from her. Tink deserves this title because she honestly seems like a good influence. She wants the best for our generation and isn’t down with the ratchet activity going on in 2015. She’s cool with just chillin’ and being different. She’s seriously like the girl next door.
  3. She’s reppin’ Chicago! Being from the Midwest, I support really any artist from Chicago. All the lingo and her dialect is understood which is another reason why I love her just that much more. Though she’s from Chicago, she’s not reppin’ “Chiraq” and doing ‘Drill’ music. In interviews, she always mentions of course she started out doing Drill but realized that her heart wasn’t in it and she wanted to be different. Choosing not to glorify the gang and violence scene in the city is a plus from it’s own native.
  4. Tink is young with an old soul. You can easily tell she’s not the average 20 year old just by the way she carries herself. She usually mentions she started listening to music heavy from her father. For inspiration, she lends toward old skool music like Michael and Janet Jackson, TLC, and Brandy. I love that she always speaks about growing and evolving.  She’s really in her own lane.
  5. She’s Timbaland’s protégé. Being a rapper and a singer, who better to have by your side than Timbaland!? He’s seriously a genius and has created and guided so many greats during and before our time. He found her after listening to ‘Don’t Tell Nobody’ and she said 2 days later she flew out and immediately vibed with him. Tink always  brings up that their relationship is so authentic. Timbaland mentioned in an interview that Tink makes him feel young again. He even dreamed that  Aaliyah came to him and said that Tink is “the one”. Who can argue with that?

If you’ve never heard of Tink, then you definitely need to check out her music. She’s an artist that is one of a kind with a style of her own. Listen to her previous mixtapes, which have some my personal favorite songs, ‘Winter’s Diary’ & ‘Winter’s Diary 2: Forever Yours”.  Some singles out right now are ‘Don’t Tell Nobody’, ‘Ratchet Commandments’, & the newest ‘Million’ which samples Aaliyah’s One In A Million. Thankfully, we should see her on this year’s B.E.T. Awards because of her  Best Female Hip Hop Artist nomination! YASSS.  Be on the look out for her album this summer titled ‘Think Tink’ that I WILL be purchasing!

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