Chris Brown & Karrueche’s Fight + Exclusive on What Rihanna Had to Say – PLUS Chris VS Kylie Jenner

Chris Brown & Karrueche’s Fight + Exclusive on What Rihanna Had to Say – PLUS Chris VS Kylie Jenner

Being apart of #TeamBreezy since 2005, I’ve seen all of Chris Brown’s ups and down, bought every album, and seen him in concert. Anyone  that knows me, knows I’ve been on the Chris Brown train and it makes  me sad  because all he can seem to do is stay in the headlines for his negativity. Of course a lot of situations that Chris is involved in have no excuses but I think this certain one with Karrueche Tran is misunderstood. Here’s why:

Karrueche was out with her girls when Chris shows up and buys a table right next to her, something a man would do trying to get his girl back. The only thing is that this led to an argument and Karrueche ends up leaving.

Kae & Chris leaving the club

Kae & Chris leaving the club

After leaving the club, Chris basically followers her and it looks like he asking her questions about, you know, getting back together. Well, with all the memes made, that’s what it looks like. The media is portraying him to be “stalking” her because he’s walking with her to the car. I’m sure Kae was telling him to leave her alone but this isn’t no different from any other crazy relationship situation when the guy is trying to plead his case and get her back!

Forcing himself in her car, there was video footage of him getting into the whip with Kae and him warning her girls to move out the way or he would cause a scene. You know they moved out the way because he’s known for that. Haha. Tran kept telling Chris to get out and eventually he did but of course this wasn’t the last of the wrath.

E! News reports later that night the police were called because Chris was yelling and urging Kae talk to him outside of her house. Of course homegirl agreed, of course. She did only agree to meet in a public place with her bestie right beside her. They met but again it all ended with an argument.

Maybe because Chris has a bad image in the media that this was said to be “stalking” but to me, this seriously sounds like a man trying to get his girl back. If this was ANYBODY else, it wouldn’t have been a big deal and claimed as stalking.

Rihanna even had a word to say about  the Chris and Kae situation according to Hollywood Life ! An insider told them that Rih Rih feels bad that Chris is still basically going through these crazy situations and she knows that he’s hurting but she’s not the one here to help. She’s cool with her past being her past and that’s about it. She’s realized it was time to Say Goodbye, and she’s done with all his drama.

On top of all this of course he was in the headlines for making a rude comment about Caitlyn Jenner on his Instagram and then of course deleted after his new buddy, Kylie Jenner made a comment back to him.

Kylie and Chris on the set of video shoot

Kylie and Chris on the set of video shoot

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He made the repost about Akon and what he’s doing for Africa with the caption stating “News flash. @akon tune in to ggn for some real news.” Jenner then subtweeted Brown on Twitter.

Since he has gotten closer to the Jenners because of Tyga, I’m sure Chris felt bad, then posted a picture on Instagram “[asking] God for help”.

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Ask God for help

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Like I said, being apart of #TeamBreezy, I’m just waiting for this phase of Chris to pass and for him to stop the craziness.  What do you guys think? Is Chris misunderstood or just crazy? I want to know your opinions!

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