Congratulations On Your Graduation! J.Cole Attends Fan’s Graduation + Why He’s the Best Rapper Out

Congratulations On Your Graduation!  J.Cole Attends Fan’s Graduation + Why He’s the Best Rapper Out

Another reason why J.Cole is the best rapper of our time and also my favorite rapper! He seriously cares about his fans.

After interacting with high school fan, Cierra Bosarge for nearly two years, J. Cole has kept his promise and attended her high school graduation. Bosarge reached out to J. Cole writing a letter as a sophomore asking him to make an appearance as she crossed the stage.  He agreed but only if she went to a university and after rerouting the Dollar and a Dream Tour, he actually made it to the ceremony!



Keeping in contact with him via phone and twitter, Cierra made sure she got her wish by keeping him updated with grades. J. Cole made his appearance in New Jersey even while on his famous Dollar and a Dream tour, making sure to schedule the tour around the graduation.

Bosarge ( @princess_simba on Twitter) got accepted into four different universities and will be attending one in the fall.  Of course it wouldn’t be a tear jerking moment if he didn’t offer to help with paying for her college tuition.



I don’t get what else would make J.Cole the best rapper of our time! He’s ultimately my all time favorite rapper but definitely the best in this generation. Here’s why I think J.Cole is the best rapper like ever:

  1. He’s down for his fans! Not only has he showed up to a graduation, surprise visited a fan in Texas to let her hear 2014 Forest Hills Drive before it’s release, but he does $1 concerts! He’s rented out a movie theater in Charlotte for 50 fans to watch Chris Rock’s Top Five, opened his childhood home to single mothers, and visited Ferguson. On top of all that he did his “Fuck Money Spread Love Tour” last December where he just went on a tour bus just riding out hitting cities doing nice gestures. He played basketball and football at LSU, bought lunch for fans, and also signed his albums for them as well.
  2. He’s relatable. It’s all in his lyrics, he makes you feel as though he’s your homeboy and you can relate to everything he’s talking about.  He talks about college life like paying loans, a single family household, and complicated relationships. He tells stories and that’s what I like the most. We’ve either been through it or seen it. He offers way more than the average rapper today, like he said “these rappers talk a lot of money, cars, and hoes shit / I give you that and a whole lot more shit.” He understands problems and situations, he talks about them, and gets us through them with his lyrics of wisdom. He’s not the typical rapper of today. His passion in his work makes me feel as though I know him.
  3. He aware and cares about the community. Visting Ferguson and releasing song ‘Be Free’ showed that J. Cole is very aware and cares. Those that actually listen to his lyrics knew this but for those that don’t, it proved that he cares about the community. Performing his song in response to the police brutality event on David Letterman showed the world how we felt according to J. Cole.
  4. He’s Cole. No blanket.

If you’re not a J. Cole fan by now, you’re lost.


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