IMG_0496 I found this picture  at Ross and it immediately sparked my eye. I tried to hide it so no one could get it then when I went back into the store the next week it was gone. Two days later, I went into the store and there it was again! I knew that this was meant for me to have. I bought it and put it in my dorm room this year. I’m really big on nice inspirational quotes just because I believe one positive thought can change your day. I have done a couple of DIY paintings for my dorm room filled with positive thoughts that really helped me get through this semester. So! Write Your Own Life Story. To me that means simply living for yourself and doing what you truly want to do! I know I used to do things simply because I wanted my parents approval and I wanted them to be happy or proud of me.

I had to start living for myself and living the with choices that I’d made. Wether they were good choices forever, good for that moment, or horrible decisions. Especially being away at school I had to learn how to make choices on my own without guidance and also getting myself out of thee  craziest situations. Life is truly all about choices, but it’s also about living for YOU. Living the life you want to live means writing your own life story, taking control, and worrying about what you want and what’s best for you! So I say this to say: Worry about you and your happiness and nothing else. Write your own life story. ~Inspirations With India tag


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