Living While Black: We Need The Black Panther Party !

Living While Black: We Need The Black Panther Party !

When I woke up today, I woke up to Dylann Roof was safely taken into custody after shooting up the historic Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. He was arrested in North Carolina about 245 miles from the scene after someone called saying they noticed the car in pictures that police blasted to the public asking for help to catch this man.

It’s really sad that we, black people, can’t catch a break. We have all odds against us. We can’t go swimming or go to church without being killed or harassed. To be completely honest, we are living in a time where history is repeating it’s self. Roof has managed to kill 9 people including the pastor of the church because “[he had] to do it [we] rape [their] women and [we’re] taking over [their] country. And [we] have to go.” I feel like this man is really deranged and psycho if he truly believes this statement. Well clearly he is. These days we are truly only trying to survive day to day with these frequent events that are happening.

The news outlets are saying they “think” it was a hate crime…there’s no doubt what so ever that this is nothing BUT a hate crime. CNN reported talks about using the death penalty but will they truly use the death penalty or anything harsh for that matter? We’ve seen episodes like this before recently with Sandy Hook and the shooting in the Colorado movie theater where excuses were given to these criminals like being mentally ill or telling the public their sob stories that no one cares about!

With all this praying for these cities and our people, it all needs to be backed up with action.  I don’t have the plan but I do know that we can’t only pray. Look at back in the day, we had so many different organizations to belong to that protected us and our communities. Everything was in the community and everyone was aware. We had black owned business and resources in our communities for us. I just feel like we need to get back as fast as possible to that sense of we need to look out for each other and not break each other down! They are preying on us and we now don’t even have a choice but to come together! We need our own. We need to protect and educate each other.  We need all black people to understand this. I really wish the Black Panther Party was still around because we need them. We need to become a community again and come together, it’s the only right thing to do because we’re under attack. It’s up to us to protect ourselves.

Our own government isn’t protecting us. What do we do? Where do we go from here?


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