Dear Suburban Black Kid,

Hey you. How long have you been out this way? Did you move here or have you always been here? As you look around in your class and see all of your friends, Ally, Chase, and Elizabeth know that we’re not equal. You’ll go to the same schools as them, go to the mall together, and live in the same neighborhood but you’re not their equal.  When it comes down to it no matter how great of a house you live in or how proper you talk the only thing that some will ever see is the cocoa color in your skin. Nothing will come easy as those around you simply because you were not born with some of the privileges that came along with their DNA.

With everything that’s been going on from the past to the present, you must learn to make the best out of all the situations. Protect yourself , your brothers, and your sisters. Educate yourself on your rights,the system, and most importantly your history.  Honestly, the best thing for you to do is stay out the way. When there’s conflict regarding the police, get out as fast as you can, as safely as possible. Stay away from ignorance and situations that can end badly.

“Stop worrying about  integrating  and being accepted. Start thinking about building for yourself and our people so we can provide a future for our children.” – A Different World

Know that this system can not protect you because it was not meant for you.  I feel for you, I’ve cried for you, and I can completely relate to you. Don’t let anyone bring you down, because we come from a long line of kings and queens…and we still are. Don’t let  your surroundings steal your crown or steal your shine.

Stay black and stay proud.

Love and always concerned,

Suburban Black Resident.

Watching the video “Cops Crash Pool Party”, I was disgusted and I cried. Why? Im not sure why, maybe because it hit super close to home and I just hate to see injustice happening to people that could’ve been me or mine. We need to teach the younger generation that this is a battle that can’t be won.  It hasn’t been won in all these years and I’m sure it won’t be. I just pray that everyone keeps their love ones close and protect each other. Make choices that will end in keeping you alive.  Black lives matter, they did then, they do now, and they will forever. Wake Up.


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