The Confederate Flag: A Symbol of the South VS A Symbol of Racism

The Confederate Flag: A Symbol of the South VS A Symbol of Racism

Ever since the North Carolina tragedy with Dylann Roof murdering nine church goers on June 17, companies have started to ban the Confederate flag due to the finding of all his pictures holding the flag. There has been a uproar on wether or not should the flag should be sold and actually flown.

According to here’s the list of places that have banned the confederate flag:

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • Mississippi
  • Virginia
  • Sears Holding Corporation
  • Kmart
  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Esty
  • Amazon
  • Spencer’s
  • Target
  • Google shopping
  • Warner Brothers
  • Annin Flagmakers
  • National Park Service
  • Apple (banned games and apps that feature the flag)

I’m wondering why now though? What will banning the flag now do for us?  The Confederate flag has been present since forever, it did not start with Roof.  I feel as though removing the flag was pointless because it should have not have been around  for so long anyway. Some may recognize it as “a flag of the south” like a symbol and that is “not racist”, but my question to them will be what separated the south from the north?

I’m sure nine times out of ten the answer will be it’s that the south wanted to continue slavery which makes it equal to racism to me.The south mainly wanted to secede from the north because they wanted to continue slavery.  According to, in 1961 in South Carolina, the state decided to raise the Confederate flag at the State House in honor of the beginning of the Civil War.  I don’t know, to me that just shows like some people or states or whatever are salty about the outcome of the war. It’s like winning a talent show two years in a row and then you lose one year and in honor of you losing you wear your old crown on your head or something.

Pulling the flag down is not going to make all racist people  disappear of course. If anything I feel that it will continue to raise racist to be more violent and want more attention.  It’s like that sort of thing where your parents tell you not to do something so it makes it more worth while when you do it. Before online sites like Amazon told the public they will not sell merchandise with the flag on it, their sales were sky rocketing to more than 5,000 percent. (NY Times)

I just feel like if it was truly a symbol of the south, why doesn’t every southern feel like it represents them and why would the sales all of a sudden rise that much? If it wasn’t about racism why feel the need to ban them and take them down now?


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