Up & Coming Artist 2Fly Exclusive Interview

Up & Coming Artist 2Fly Exclusive Interview

2Fly is the newest upcoming face of the rap game.  From Houston, Texas, 2Fly moved to Dallas with his mother for better opportunities. Growing up he listened to a lot of  Michael Jackson but hearing 50 Cent’s ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ inspired him to rap. Getting started, 2Fly was apart of a group that didn’t work out, but yet he’s the only one still standing. To be able to reach his full potential, the solo route was for the best. At a performance for his high school talent show as a junior, 2Fly knew this was what he was born to do. He’s has performed all over the city and opened up for artists like Lil’ Bibby and Lil’ Herb. Working on three projects at once, he says ‘Level Up’ is the first project for audiences. I was able to sit in on a studio session with him to get all the tea on his up and coming career.


Name: 2Fly

From: Houston, Texas

Reppin’: Texas as a whole

IM: Who inspired you to start rapping?

2Fly: It was when I first heard 50 Cent, “Get Rich or Die Tryin’ ”

IM: Who or what would you say  inspired your style?

2Fly: I would say my experiences in life.

IM: How did you get started? Tell me your timeline.

2Fly: I was in a group that lasted for about four months and things didn’t work out. After that I decided to take it the solo route.  I’ve been just trying to find my sound you know.  I’m the only one still rapping out of them.

IM: What was the song that you heard that made you motivated, like yes I need to start rapping today?

2Fly: Probably umm I’ll Whip Ya Head by 50 Cent.

IM: Who did you listen to the most growing up ?
2Fly: Michael Jackson

IM: What are some of the biggest challenges you have with being an up and coming artist?

2Fly: Umm…not knowing if you have  the right people around and I just observe people’s actions to try to figure it out.

IM: What is something about you that people might not know by listening to your music ?

2Fly: There’s nothing because I put everything into my music.

IM: If you could go on tour with any 2 people who would they be ?

2Fly: Childish Gambino and Kanye West because I don’t like people who just rap on stage, you need scenery. I like people like Kanye because they bring experience and give you something to remember.

IM: Who would you say you look up to the most in the rap game right now and why?

2Fly: Lil Wayne. He’s the best rapper on the planet. I look up to his work ethic, he’s incredible.

IM: What has been your favorite show you’ve done & why?

2Fly: My favorite show was a high school talent show as a junior. It made me realize this is what I’ve always wanted to do .

IM: Who all have you opened up for ?

2Fly: Lil’ Herb and Lil’ Bibby.

IM: Who’s currently in your playlist?
2Fly: MIA, Travis Scott, and a lot of old Wayne.

IM: If you did a R&B track who would you chose to sing?

2Fly: Kehlani because I think she’s dope.
IM: What are your future goals or dreams ?

2Fly: I want to be as big and inspirational as Michael Jackson was. I plan on doing that by continuing to make music that can make people feel good because that’s what he did. I can wake up and listen to his music and feel good.

IM: If you would do a joint album with someone who would it be ?

2Fly: Lil’ Wayne, Kanye, & Travis Scott.

IM: What do you want your audience to feel or take away from your music ?

2Fly: I just want them to listen and have a good time.

IM: Once you make it big & get that first big check , what are the first things you’re doing with it?

2Fly: I’m giving my grandma the whole check.

IM: What are your thoughts on the current rap game today ?

2Fly: It’s getting better. It’s at a very experimental time .

IM: What projects are you working on that the fans can expect?
2Fly: I’m working on 3 different projects right now but
‘Level up’ is coming soon.

Check out Lean & Liquor, 2Fly’s newest video.

Wrapping up the studio session and the interview, 2Fly was a great spirit to be around. He was focused and very humble. Be sure to follow him on all social media to catch him perform around the city and be up on all the new music!

To get in contact with 2 Fly please contact at : donrecordsent@gmail.com

Twitter: @TheOfficial2fly

Instagram: @Official_2Fly


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