Press Conference for Sandra Bland Left Intense Feeling On University

Press Conference for Sandra Bland Left Intense Feeling On University

PRAIRIE VIEW, TX—-After a two hours wait inside of Prairie View A&M University’s Juvenile Justice Auditorium, the press release for Sandra Bland’s case started very intensely.

The meeting with many different authorities like the Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick,  District Attorney, Black Caucus, Senator Royce West, Democrats, Republicans, PVAMU’s president George C. Wright, plus more lasted two hours where they discussed the case and analyzed the dash cam video.

Senator West made it clear that they want the facts first to get everything clear as to what really happened on that day. West also passed a bill for the state of Texas that states police need to wear body cams.

“As more body cams come into play, you’re going to see more interaction between police officers and citizens. When people know they’re being videoed, their behavior changes. In [a part] of California, when they put body cams out there, the number of police complaints went down 88% and the number of incidents of police using violence went down 66%, so I’m hoping to put a dent in those types of issues to make it certain that we have those body cameras distributed in the whole state of Texas,” said West.

“I want young people to understand that you can’t  win it out on the street, you just can’t. If you run into a jerk out there, it’s just a jerk. You have to wait until you get to the court room.”

Senator West also implemented that judges will not be allowed to hand pick their grand jury to ensure diversity. Officials kept repeating they want the case to be transparent and wanting all the facts.

The District Attorney stated that jail deaths, including this case are treated as homicide though the ruling has not been settled as such. Most agreed that this could all have been avoided if officer would have followed correct protocol.

“She should have not been taken into custody,” said West.

Since the incident, the officer has been removed from street duty.

The university’s president, Dr. George C. Wright closed the seminar with asking the media to not remember the university for this tragedy.

“You see all of these will people come here when something like this happens, when we’re in the news over a tragedy but people need to know all the other kinds of things,” said Wright.

“All the students we have doing outstanding work for different programs and things like that. I want them to get the full picture of the university. “


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