#InspirationsWithIndia | Always Invest in Yourself + Ways I’m Investing in ME !

#InspirationsWithIndia | Always Invest in Yourself + Ways I’m Investing in ME !

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Recently, I’ve been going through many transitions between school, friendships, and life in general. Returning readers may know that most of my sparks or inspirations  come from Instagram posts and once I seen this I feel like I knew it was speaking to me.

Investing into yourself is very important because as I’ve quickly found out, you need to worry about others less and focus on yourself more. If you’re a college student, there are many constant opportunities around you that this is truly the time to dedicate everything to yourself.

These years in my 20’s, I’m really driven to go after my dream career to eventually live that lifestyle that I oh so desire. This summer I’ve come to grips with letting people go and other things along the way that may hold me back.

Investing in yourself isn’t always about money (although I am investing in my career financially), but also socially, physically, and spiritually. I’m really trying to redirect my focus more into me and my well being overall.  I truly do feel like lately I’ve been happier than before, I feel like weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

Here’s how I’ve started investing in myself….

Ways I’m Investing in Myself 

  1. Finding a hobby. This summer I really dived head first into my career and acted on what I loved. I’ve always loved writing, talking, and being creative while creating. I decided to of course create content on my blog and also start a YouTube Channel. I’ve been talking about building a channel and I finally received a nice camera from my daddy and started. Since then it really keeps me busy and focused on my ultimate goals that I have for myself. It also reminds me that I love this field and it’s truly what I enjoy.
  2. Writing down everything. I’m a journal whore. I usually keep at least two journals near me, one for goals, ideas, and business things and one for feelings and thoughts. I like to keep the two separate because the thoughts and feelings journal is way more private and can only be seen with my eyes. I always keep a journal near because I always get random sparks of ideas and I hate when I forget later in the day. Some people use their phones but I just like actually writing things down on paper to plan, sketch, and then execute.
  3. Eliminate negativity. This summer, like I said, I’ve gone through a lot of transitioning and I had to let go of all of my negative thoughts. This is where my thoughts journal came into play because I definitely needed to write out some feelings so I wouldn’t act on them. Whatever was negative or hindered me from following my dreams, it had to go.
  4. Surrounding myself with likeminded people. Recently since eliminating negativity, I had to figure out who was truly there for me and who wasn’t. I started to surround myself with similar goals and dreams and it made a difference. Usually those who share the same major with me are the ones I seen myself hanging out with more. I learn from their mistakes, we share ideas, and I definitely network with them. We all help each other and that’s what we’re all trying to do, make it.
  5. TRAVEL. If I had hella reward points I would be on a plane every month.This summer I was able to travel to different conferences dealing with my field and I honestly feel like just those two trips shaped me. I learned new things not only about myself but of course my career. Seeing new places, interacting with different people, and having those new and exciting experiences is always positive and healthy. I was just happy to get out of Texas.
  6. Study what I love. I spend HOURS researching and literally stalking my favorites in the field. I watch interviews all day long, I watch YouTube gurus, and I read up on my favorite journalists. I feel like it’s the only way I’m going to learn all the ends and outs of the industry. I recently have started to try to add myself in the conversation on social media by simply replying to tweets or Instagram comments of my favs even though they may not reply to me. I just think it wouldn’t hurt and maybe one day they’ll remember me once I make it! 😉

What ways do you invest in yourself? What should I add to my list? What do you think about mine? Let’s talk! Leave a comment or mention me on social media!

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