J. Cole Encourages Fan Battling Cancer

J. Cole Encourages Fan Battling Cancer

Private listening sessions to graduation visits, J. Cole continuously proves that he is more than a rapper by supporting his fans in a huge way.

Recently, Cole went to his hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina to encourage Tae Stackhouse through his constant battle of cancer.

Stackhouse’s mother and aunt reached out to J.Cole asking for a visit after he’s lost his daughter, had issues with the law, and has been  battling cancer for a year.

The patient took to Facebook share his experience with the rapper.

“I really appreciate this just wanna give a big s/o to my mom and my aunt for bringing my favorite rapper to see me I’m proud to say that I’m blessed even tho I have cancer he told me to keep positive so that’s what Ima do thanks j.cole #RoleModel,” said Stackhouse.

Stackhouse with J.Cole (source: VIBE)

Not sharing with the media, this isn’t the first time J.Cole has done a personal appearance with his fans.

J. Cole continues to win over the hearts of those apart of #ColeWorld and fight for that spot as the best rapper alive.


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