Junior Year: Year of Trial & Error + Personal Inspiration

Junior year of college, where you finally start realizing that you’re not one of the young kids on campus but you still have a little time before your graduation.  This year of college was probably the most stressful but yet very successful.

This year has been the year of trial and error definitely. I’ve went out for things and failed, fell off from some of my goals sometimes, and I even partied a lot but honestly I feel like I grew. I ultimately had a year of growth.

As I look around tonight, tomorrow all of my closest friends that I’ve made will be earning their degrees and will finally be graduating after 4-5 years in college. They grew.  It made be realize that no matter how long, troubled, or uneasy the road may be it’s all about the end result.

I’m always beating myself up trying to be the best because I know I deserve the best. I compete, stress myself out, and beat myself up as if I’m not doing enough.  I’ve grown to learn to not compare yourself to others because the road to my success is not the same as those who have came before me or those trying to get there at the same time.

In my junior year I’ve accomplished so much and looking back at the year, I’m proud of myself and all that I’ve done. I was the new Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper on campus which stressed me out IMG_0371to the maximum.  Learning to work with grown people in the office, conduct meetings, and become a great leader was very challenging.  It seriously made me realize I have a lot to learn professionalism wise and I need to tap into my characteristics to become a better leader.

I gained a mentor finally. I met my mentor this school year at Rice University in Houston, Texas at a News Diversity conference session.  I cried during her speech.  She was so passionate about what she was talking about and something told me to go up to her after her and talk to her. I did that and I just started balling crying and I’m not even a crier especially in public. Her name is Nakia Cooper and what I’ve learned from her by being around her is to be comfortable in your own skin.  I’m so obsessed with hard working black women and she is definitely a hard working woman boss. She has helped me so much in my career and has helped me to get my first internship with a local news station!  After I felt lost, in the dark, and like I was never going to find an open door of opportunities, she opened that for me!

On top of getting my first internship (and it’s paid!), I got another internship with a non-profit organization called Legendary with a lot of PV alumni!  I’m really just trying to grow in my career and build a great network so once I graduate in a year, I will have a guaIMG_9902.JPGranteed career path!  On top of gaining internship, I am now president of my school’s chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists  and also a new member of Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communications Honor Society.

With all these great things happening, I’m just trying to ultimately stay on top of everything and fulfill all of my position that I have as well as focus on myself and my brand. With The Downtown Tea, I wasn’t lost of where I wanted it to go, but I am just struggling to get there.  I want it to flourish into a blog that collegiate students will come and visit to get their dose of entertainment news, relate to everyday topic, and inspiration. I want to be an inspiration.

With that being said I want to leave some inspiration that I learned for whoever reads this because if you’re still here reading then this was meant for you to read….

  • Whatever you’re going through won’t last forever. Every time I go through something I think it will, but it won’t. 
  • Push yourself to your limits and get out of your comfort zone. If I would’ve never spoke up and taken chances this year and forced myself out of my comfort zone I would’ve missed out on A LOT of opportunities.  You can’t progress if you’re staying the same.
  • Just go for it! I started a YouTube channel and started to be consistent just because I WANTED TO! I sit in front of a camera or talk to a camera, edit everything, and then promote myself because it’s what I want to do.  Since starting to become serious last summer I’ve gained 1,380 subscribers and created a network that can only continue to grow.
  • Be your own best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, cheerleader. Sometimes I found myself searching for people to congratulate me, tell me they loved my writings, or even that they loved that video I posted and sometimes it wouldn’t happen.  You need to motivate yourself, promote yourself, be proud of what you produce, and encourage yourself because if you don’t invest in yourself then no one will. But your work doesn’t go unnoticed.  

Continue to keep going. Do you & prosper. Don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thang and I hope that I’ve inspired you.




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