Why YouTube Vlogs Are Better Than Reality TV

Why YouTube Vlogs Are Better Than Reality TV

Millennial adults have grown up with reality tv ever since probably the first reality TV show of our time, Flavor of Love and those following it just kept our attention. Older adults mostly cringe at the fact that reality TV is so prevalent now in 2016 and there’s literally a show for everything.

The thing that bothers people who decide to not watch reality TV is probably that it lacks “reality”. Of course in previous times they were probably more real and less scripted but the exploitation that it does to people especially black women.

From the Love & Hip-Hops to the Real Housewives, I barely watch any TV especially reality TV and I’ve switched over and decided to watch vlogs.

Vlogs are “video blogs” where people share either their daily or weekly lives on YouTube. There are a very wide range of people in the YouTube community who have started vlogging their lives after having channels in other areas and their subscribers wanting to see their lives.

There is an unlimited amount of vlog channels on YouTube with a variety of different types of people showing their various ways of life. What I like most about vlogs is that it’s real life. You see real life problems and real life situations.

Being a college student, I mostly watch girls who are attending different universities and it gives me an insight on how college life is at other colleges. Especially being at an HBCU campus, I feel like I am able to get a glimpse of people who are at PWIs.

There are people who vlog their marriages, family life, pregnancies, and more so really anything to fit the lifestyle you want to watch!  What I love most about watching vlogs is the authenticity of them. They tell real life stories and actually show their day-to-day life from their perspective.  They really make me feel connected to this real person that I can actually talk to on social media if I want to.

Here are a list of my current favorite vloggers who weren’t featured already:

Jarel Jonesx

“Jarel Jones with a X on the end” is what he called himself. He’s super animated and funny as he shows us his life attending the first HBCU Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. He’s also in the media field and apart of a modeling troupe. He’s the only guy vlogger I currently watch because he’s so exciting and keep me engaged with his content.

Leah Gordone


Though this post is about vlog, a lot of vloggers also share story times. Leah is someone who I feel like is the realest. We see a lot from her from moving, finding a job, and relationship issues. She stays really on top of connecting herself with the audience. I feel like she’s going through a lot of the same things that college aged women are going through so when I watch her, I feel like wow I’m not alone.

Amber Martin

Amber is currently my favorite vlogger because I feel like she’s completely herself. She’s super chill but loves to look good which I feel like relates to me. She attends the University of Tennessee as a graphic design major. Since I attend a HBCU, Amber really gives me that insight of how it would be to attend a PWI. She shows us her school life, working out, and family life. The key to choosing vloggers to watch is to find those who you feel like you would get along with in real life which is why Amber is one of my all-time faves.

Lilian Shekinah

Lilian Shekinah is that friend that we all have that tells us like it is or says those things we never want to say out loud. Again, though it’s not a vlog, she talks about real life issues of a college students. We go through a struggle and what I love is that no matter how big or hard the trials and tribulations that she goes through, she motivates others and herself at the end of her videos. She’s just so real that I couldn’t help but to recognize her.

Raven Elyse

Raven is a graduate of UNT from Austin, Texas who was living in Dallas until she had her newborn baby, Ziya! I’ve been following Raven for some time just watching her beauty videos, hair videos, and vlogs. Since having a baby, she shows the struggle of being a first time single mom, dealing with internet hatred, and more. It’s all real life and she doesn’t hold anything back.

Natural Neiicey

Natural Neiicey is also one of my favorites because she’s based out of Canada and loves to travel! I feel like I’ve been all different type of places just watching her life. Neiicey dates a guy in which she calls “Tour Guide” who we never see in Houston, Texas so we see her trying to balance her life in Toronto and being in a super long distance relationship.

The next time you’re at home just chilling, check out some vlogs on YouTube by just typing in keywords like “college vlogs”, “family vlogs”, or even “HBCU vlogs”.

If you watch vlogs, let me know your favorites!


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