Party Next Door disappoints fans with ‘Come and See Me’ Video

Party Next Door disappoints fans with ‘Come and See Me’ Video

Party Next Door released his anticipated video to ‘Come and See Me’ featuring Drake that has left many surprised.

Fans were excited from the sneak peaks from PND’s snapchat to only be shocked by Drake’s verse being removed and Kylie Jenner coming in as his love interest.

In first hour of being released on his VEVO, it received over 25,000 views and 16.5 thousands tweets of opinions on the video.

Most fans back lashed the video because of Kylie Jenner and Drake’s verse completely disappearing from the song.

There were previous rumors of the two dating after her break-up with Tyga and his situation with Kehlani.

Kylie is all about her coins honey because there are definitely product placements of her Kylie lip kit.

Though this isn’t her first time in a PND video, he tells PEOPLE magazine that he “don’t expect her to settle down with him any time soon,” because there’s still love between her and Tyga.

This makes us wonder what are they doing because the ending of the video is a shocker. Check it out and share your comments below. Is PND Kylie’s new boo?




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