Protective Styles & No Clothes: My Summer Go-Tos!

Protective Styles & No Clothes: My Summer Go-Tos!

During the summer time, I feel like it’s the perfect time to be low maintenance and cute.  Some of my favorite go-tos during the summer are to protective style and to wear as least clothes as possible.

Living in Texas, the weather can be very annoying from it’s beaming sunny and humid weather to it’s hurricane rainy days.  After being a resident for almost 10 years, the heat still bothers me.

Lets get into hair…

Protective styling in the summer is my favorite because it allows me to not be stressed out during those 101 degree days trying to figure out how I’m wearing my hair.



Senegalese Twists by @lilsexytaaaj

Whether it’s twists, braids, or bunning it up, I try to stay away from my long bundles because it’s just too much to handle. When I wear weave I love for it to stay on fleek, I want my curls to last, and my natural edges have to stay slicked down, and summer in Texas just doesn’t allow that.


Box Braids by Classic Houston Braiding

I try to keep each protective style in for about a month because that’s the point of my protective styling, longevity.  They’re easy to style, you wake up and go, and gives your hair a break from the heat from the bundles


Deep Wave hair from Platinum Dream Hair

If you’re the type who can’t go ANYWHERE without your bundles (I feel you) then of course there’s another alternative for you! Ditch the high maintenance straight hair and pick up some curly hair for the summer. It’s summer fun and cute for the season and will allow you to enjoy any of the festivities that includes water!  To me, curly hair is so cool because literally you wet, style, and go. I also like this because with my dry scalp that still needs attention, I can still put moisture in my hair.

When I mean no clothes, I don’t really mean no clothes, but I mean less clothes. I believe in you do what you want when you’re poppin’ so summer is the perfect time to show off all of that melanin (though winter is my favorite season).  The weather definitely give you an excuse to show off your figure and to wear all the cute little outfits like sundress, short dresses, and rompers.


Romper from Ross


Romper from Ross


I’m definitely no fashion expert or fashionista, but I love being cute.  In the summer my main concern is to be comfortable! I will put on any think just to feel comfortable in this heat.  Rompers are so easy and comfortable and I can feel the breeze. The only downfall is taking off the whole piece when going to the restroom, but besides that, I love that it’s just one piece of clothing, thin, and free.



Dress from Forever 21


Dress from Forever 21


Lace shirt from Forever 21, shorts from Ross

Dresses are my favorite in the summer again because it’s easy to put on, it doesn’t make me feel trapped, and I can feel the breeze. Forever 21 has really affordable dresses and these 2 were on sale on a random special weekend.

Lace is my all time favorite thing in the summer because honestly it gives my boobs a chance to breathe! Though it comes off as sexy, which it is, I just cover up with a bralette and keep the colors dark.  The thing I hate the most in the summer is feeling trapped and hot because the first thing on my body that starts to sweat is my boobs.  Anything low cut is my best friend during the season just so I don’t over heat, so trust me, girls aren’t trying to be revealing, the girls need to breathe.

Figuring out what works best for me in this sweaty time of the year was the best thing that I’ve learned to keep me cool, cute, and unbothered!

What are your summer go-tos? Let me know!



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