Black Dating App Smoochr Lets You Choose Your Mate Based on Skin Color & Hair Type

Black Dating App Smoochr Lets You Choose Your Mate Based on Skin Color & Hair Type

When you thought dating sites couldn’t get more creepy, Smoochr is an app that has come to top it off with internalized discrimination.

There are many dating websites like Christian Mingle, Tinder, Plenty of Fish, and more dedicated for all different types of people leaving black people in a funk trying to find black love.  Black People Meet People, SoulSwipe, and the Bae App are a couple sites that have allowed those to find what they may be looking for among other African-Americans but Smoothr puts the cherry on top of being very specific in your search.

Smoochr is a new black dating app that has taken social media by storm, causing #BlackTwitter to create a hashtag to take down the app.

Reading the candidate’s bio, checking out their photos, and swiping left isn’t enough for the Smoochr app because you can get down to the nitty gritty of everything you truly prefer.

The app definitely lets you find your type by picking if you want your woman to be a “pecan” skinned BBW with weave and or if you want your husband to be “latte”, ripped, and have locks. writer Yesha Callahan, says she “took one for the team” and signed up to show the different options the app allows.




The hashtag #ShutDownSmoochr surfaced Twitter once more people started to get informed on what the site was like.

With enough going on, did we really need another outlet to separate us all? Not only does the app separate us by color, the size of our lips, and how we chose to wear our hair, the app only only users to search for heterosexual partners.

screen-shot-2016-07-25-at-7-22-37-am tells that the domain was purchased in 2011 and they’ve reached out to the creator, Larry Kenebrew Jr. (the person’s name on the registration email) and will update their post with what he has to say.

Since finding out about the site, it’s gotten much backlash on social media for it’s shallow intentions.

Is it internalized racism or is it all about preference on the new dating app Smoochr? Let us know in the comments blew.


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