Enough is Enough: RIP to Alton Sterling

Enough is Enough: RIP to Alton Sterling

Yet again, there’s another hashtag for a murdered black man and social media has gone wild with the release of footage of the killing of Alton Sterling.

Alton Sterling, known as the “CD man”  was killed by 2 Baton Rouge police officers in front of Triple S Food Mart when an anonymous source called police saying that a man threatened them with a gun.  The owner of the store said he knew Sterling for over 6 years and never caused any trouble, he let him sell CDs in front of his store.

Video footage has went viral of the incident between Sterling and police officers where about 5 to 6 gun rounds of gun shots could be heard. Sterling was a father of 5.

These type of incidents happen so often and it gets more sad and devastating each time while we all wait for the outcome.  Be sure to send encouraging words to the black men and the black community in general.

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“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor” – Desmond Tutu


Here are some tweets that really make you think:

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The Downtown Tea asks that if you have any platform that you speak out and pray for the community.  Stand to make a change and keep saying his name, her name, and their name. We can’t keep being murdered like we are animals of an endangered species. There needs to be a change in this system. Enough is enough.



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