My 7 Favorite Girl Bosses of 2016

My 7 Favorite Girl Bosses of 2016

As I enter my last semester of college looking up to other women in my field is very important to me because I look up to them as the keys to my own success.  Thanks to Instagram and Twitter and being obsessed with the media, I feel like I can watch those in my field to inspire me by watching their growth!

Starting this new year and my final semester the anxiety has gotten worst but watching these black women prosper in what I want to do, it calms me down because I know if they can they be young and popping so can I.

These are my favorite girl bosses of 2016:

Sidnee Michelle of Complex & Forbes 

Sidnee Michelle is a entertainment writer and reporter working with Complex and works as the Editorial Operations Assistant at Forbes Media and does it all while being so sexy and stylish. She’s super fly and clearly is about her business and continuously motivates me to boss up and make big journalism moves.

 Gia Peppers, Freelance Journalist

 Gia Peppers is very relatable to me because she’s so bubbly and has fun with everything she does. She makes me believe I can do everything by any means necessary because she’s always working with different big names all at once.  She’s known for managing Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning’s site, working with BET Breaks, Essence,  the Washington Wizards, and more.

Bobby Pen, Digital Storyteller

The fact that Bobby Pen is based in Dallas makes me feel like I can get it right here in my city.  To me she looks like one of the most hardworking journalists that I follow on social media.  She’s been featured on so many different brands like TMZ Live!, The Source, TV One, and more. Having her own platform thebobbypen.comworking with a top radio station in the city, and can snatch all these interviews that just inspires me.

Scottie Beam, Hot 97 Digital Producer

Scottie Beam is one of my favorites because she reminds me so much of myself.  She’s serious about her work but she’s so laid back and chill to me and I love when I see that in journalist.  Being the producer for the Ebro in the Morning, she just makes it seem like she has so much fun at her job and does it effortlessly.  She also does her #ScottieFeedback and has just launched a podcast titled Black Girl Podcast which is already amazing. She just makes me feel like I can be my chill self in the industry.


Nadeska Alexis, Senior Editorial Producer at Complex

What I love about Nadeska is that she’s so versatile from talking about news, entertainment, and politics. She’s definitely my favorite female anchor on Complex News and delivers all her stories with such passion for the art of journalism.  I love how carefree, chill, and just herself on camera, in interviews she’s just such a natural.

Aaliyah Jay

Aaliyah is that fly and sassy side of me that I embrace in me as well.  Aaliyah Jay is a Youtuber that has just hit over 1 million followers from her makeup tutorials, story time videos, and vlogs.  I’ve been following her for a minute and her come up has been crazy.  I just love how she’s always about her, looking her best, being the best, and making her money.  She confidence is what I love about her the most and she tries to encourage other subscribers or as she now calls them “her sisters” to do the same. She’s created her following from Youtube that has just blew up and made her into a brand. I love that.


Jayla Koriyan

Jayla Koriyan is another YouTuber that I just feel connected with because she’s the average college girl that is going through normal relatable college issues.  Jayla has started a website, started selling merchandise, and even published a book all before she was 21 which is inspiring because we’re the same age.  She’s worked with top brands and also loves to travel.  It’s just amazing to see a girl just like myself at an HBCU trying to get it just like me.

Shoutout to all of these ladies who are on their stuff and making a path for many more girl bosses behind them especially those in the media field.


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