Happy Birthday Cardi B! Why We Appreciate Cardi B So Much

Happy Birthday Cardi B! Why We Appreciate Cardi B So Much

After winning five awards last night at the BET Hip Hop Awards and being number one on the Billboard charts consecutively for three weeks, Cardi B. has taken over the world in her very own way.

Wether you were introduced to her via the outrageous Instagram posts, Love & Hip Hop New York, or just recently with her hit single, she’s in the spotlight and she’s hard to ignore.  There’s no denying that she is one of the the biggest stars out right now and her ambition and charismatic character has won over many fans.

The rapper strategically used her influence from social media matched with her ambition to climb the charts and into millennials’ hearts. On her 25th birthday, we reflect on why Cardi is so poppington.

Cardi’s poppington personality just wins.

Cardi B’s personality is unmatched and unfiltered which is appreciated. In the midst of people wanting to protect their image and being superficial on social media, she expresses everything on her mind.  Seeing a celebrity “get it out the mud” as boyfriend Offset would say, and actually continue to be themselves is rare.  She has continued to follow her followers and  fame follow her journey from a regular degular shmegular chick into a superstar.

She’s the big sis of baddies.

Cardi’s music just makes you feel like a baddie. From the famous Bodak Yellow, to Lick, to Foreva, to On Fleek, Cardi knows how to get you feeling like you’re the hottest in the streets and living your best life.  She’ll have you pointing at yourself in the mirror with your long nails and 26 inch bundles making you feel like you’re really in your bag.

She kills every look she delivers.

From Rihanna’s Diamond Ball, New York Fashion Week, to last night’s BET Hip Hop Awards, Cardi slays everyday with all different types of styles.  She’s the ultimate ghetto fabulous princess and turns heads with every look.  She knows how to balance between Fashion Nova, New York street style, and top designer brands.

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Good vibes is what she’s all about.

She overall has genuine good vibes.  No matter her past, she’s always thinking positive and willing to share her story.  She makes it clear that she’s no role model and someone to look up to but hopes that her journey from the strip club to the Billboard charts will inspire people to be themselves.  Her little sister, Hennessy Carolina says that Cardi taught her to always be herself, love herself, and to not care what others think.

Cardi continuously makes watching her journey so much fun.  She broke the record of being the first solo female rapper to be number one on the Billboard charts since Lauryn Hill in 1998, snatched Single of the Year, Best New Hip Hop Artist, along with other awards at the BET Hip Hop Awards, and now is being idolized as “hood love couple goals” with Migos member, Offset.  Of course with #BardiGang behind her and huge co-signers like Charlamagne Tha God, Uncle Luke, Beyonce’, DJ Khaled, along with her everyday supporters, there isn’t any doubt that Cardi’s success will continue to go up from here.  She has plenty to celebrate on her 25th birthday.




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