Post Grad Depression Took Over My Life

Post Grad Depression Took Over My Life

It’s one of those things where you think, “that’ll never happen to me.”  Especially since most people don’t talk about it, who knew that it was a real thing that happens to so many graduates.  Post graduate depression is a thing and it is alive, ready to attack your lively personality, all of your goals, hopes, and dreams.

Graduating in May, I knew that I had life by the hands.  Graduation was the best time of my life and I had internships, experience, and that piece of paper that cost me tons of loans that took me four years so I knew that the universe would be in my favor.

After graduation, I went on a trip of my dreams and even attended another media conference for my field to broaden my skills.  A week after returning home, I got a job in my field at a radio station and I was on Cloud 9.  I just knew that I would not be like everyone else who graduated with a communications or journalism degree.  I would get my start straight out of college, I wouldn’t struggle, and I would be getting paid most importantly.

“I didn’t feel fulfilled or special.  I felt regular.”

Filling out the paper work for my new position, life slapped me in the face with cold hands.  I felt like I was entering a new rim of life that I could not prepare for.  Starting in my field was supposed to be exciting because I didn’t have to go to retail or fast food, but almost two weeks in, I hated my job.

I was going to get paid a little more minimum wage, to work 30 hours a week and working the dead man’s overnight shifts.  To remind you, I was getting paid $5 more at my college job on campus, doing something toward my career also.  Suddenly it hit me all at once, this sucks.

Finally receiving a degree was supposed to be the most joyous, enthusiast, and rewarding moment of my life and a constant reminder that going to school was worth all the trouble.  Looking around at what I landed felt like a pitty job and something that anyone could have gotten chosen for.  I didn’t feel fulfilled or special.  I felt regular.  The last thing a person that has just graduated wants to feel is regular.

As the days go on to feel as though they’re running together, I couldn’t find motivation or inspiration to do anything.  Usually my personality is lively and I tend to keep up a glamorous and well kept appearance, but once life came and dragged me in like a rag doll, I didn’t care about anything.  I didn’t care about my hair, makeup, my nails or toes.

Two months of working went passed before I decided to make changes to feel normal again because I was just that annoyed by my own day to day life.  Looking back at that phase in my life, I feel like it was necessary, but it was only necessary so that I could come back with more fire and desire for myself.

Post-Grad depression is real, normal, and you're not alone. Click To Tweet

Post-Grad depression is real, normal, and you’re not alone. The pressure is too much! If you’re going through this phase it’s important to recognize what you’re going through.

Check out these four tips on how to make it better for yourself on this published article on Blavity.


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