Kiara Simoné’s “How To Rob” Shades Your Favorite Artists in a Killer Way

Kiara Simoné’s “How To Rob” Shades Your Favorite Artists in a Killer Way

Kiara Simoné is forcing her way thorough the music industry with her hard hitting tracks and “How to Rob” is a banger.

The Virginia native, California living emcee released her single on Halloween which may have some mainstream artists like Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé shook.

Kiara Simoné is making her own noise shading artists with bold and fierce lines just like 50 Cent with his “How To Rob” single that targeted every major rapper in 1999 before his rise to fame.

She recently dropped a single earlier this year called “Mo Money” produced by Zaytoven and went on the 1992 Block Wars Tour with The Game.  

Kiara has worked with top producers like Zaytoven, 808 Mafia, Dem Jointz and more. 

“Nothing is fake about my music. I don’t make it up…what you hear in my music is ME. I’ve been through a lot and no one from where I’m from has made it this far. If I can do it, you can do it too. My music is about empowering women to be strong minded and feel like they can achieve anything on their own, without being so dependent on men,” said the artist on her website
Her hardcore voice and engagingly demanding lyrics will keep you engaged in her newest track “How To Rob.”
Check out her newest single and add it to your trap baddie playlist! Follow her on social media here.


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