Top-10 Tips for Planning a Rooftop Date

Top-10 Tips for Planning a Rooftop Date

By: Aleksander Pichkur

A date on the roof can become a wonderful gift for your loved one, especially if there’s a special occasion for it, like Valentine’s Day, your wedding or relationship anniversary, or some other memorable date. Or maybe you just want to make her a sweet surprise? It doesn’t matter. A romantic rooftop date is always a memorable event, full of tenderness and mystery.

A date at the top of the skyscraper is the peak of the 21st-century romance. We all have seen such stories in love films and, deep inside, we always wanted to be a part of one of these stories ourselves. Adrenaline, night city lights, champagne splashes, nice music, chocolate, snacks, and the warm hand of a loving person holding your hand – what could be more touching? But a dream can remain a dream if you don’t know how to plan a rooftop date.


A date on the roof is many couples’ dream, but few dare to make it come true. Firstly, it’s not so easy to get access to the roof of a building. Secondly, the potential costs can be too high. Thirdly, even if the roof is spacey, it’s rarely possible to take the furniture, a jukebox, drinks, and snacks there. That’s why, to plan everything with a touch of genuine romance, you can use services of companies specializing in such events. Leave all the manual work to professionals. They’ll deliver everything that you need to the place, while you concentrate on rooftop date ideas. Sure, it will be more expensive than doing all the work by yourself, but it’s worth it.

Rooftop date tips from

1) Choose the time of the day right

It’s better to plan a date at night or in the evening so you can admire the lights of the night city. This is a rare sight, so don’t miss it.

2) Sweets

When ordering dinner, put emphasis on sweets and fruits. Both of you will be too busy admiring the view, and there won’t be time for a rooftop dinner date. But if there’s cold outside, you can ask to serve some light, hot dishes, like a steak or warm salad.

3) Don’t overdo it with alcohol

It’s better to order wine or champagne. But again, take the time of the year into account. Refreshing champagne during a date on the roof is better for a warm summer night. But wine will warm you if the temperature isn’t that comfortable. In spring or autumn, you can order mulled wine.

4) Hot drinks

Don’t forget about coffee or tea. Sooner or later your date will come to an end, and it will be great to complete it by drinking a mug of hot tea with a delicious cake.

5) Take care of comfort

If you don’t want your loved one to catch a cold, take a couple of warm blankets with you. Even if the weather is warm enough, you’ll feel much more comfortable in them.

6) Music

Be sure to order the music. Depending on your financial capabilities, you can invite a band or a violinist. However, if your budget can’t withstand such expenses, you can take your iPod or a laptop with you and turn on some romantic songs that will warm your hearts even better than wine.

7) A short walk

Sweet conversations, drinks, delicious food, and beautiful music – all this is great, of course. But you can plan such a date at home. Take the best of your rooftop night date and don’t forget to take a walk around the roof, admire the breathtaking view of the night metropolis, and make a couple of photos that will capture this moment in your memory forever.

8) Decorate the place

Add some simple decorations and launch some Chinese lanterns or LED beads in the sky.

9) Dance

A rooftop date can’t be complete without a dance because such an opportunity may not happen again in your life. Take your chance.

10) Stay close to each other

And don’t forget about kisses and hugs. After all, even a perfect date can go wrong without warm and sincere emotions between two lovers.


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