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How to Get Over Your Cuffing Season Buddy for the Spring

Cuffing season is over and just like the cold weather you’re either about to get ditched or you’ll have to do the ditching! Either this is the season that you’ll pick up your spring fling daddy or it’s that time your cuffing season buddy decides that it’s better to let things go.  Point. Blank. Period. Winter time is over so the Netflix and chill dates will end, your “man” will start hanging with his boys, and he’ll start going missing, which is okay because it was just for a season right? Now is the perfect time when you should leave that dude…

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Happy 22nd Birthday to Me! 10 Things I Learned at 21

It’s January 3, 2017 and I’m feeling 22! On this day, my presence graced the world and it hasn’t been the same since, clearly. Haha.  While everyone complained on social media about how 2016 was so horrible for them, 2016 was actually amazing for me.  I achieved most of my goals,  traveled a lot, invested into myself,  and I was finally able to hang out with my older friends. I basically lived the 21 year old life and I loved every time about this year honey! If I could give my 21st year a title it would definitely be “India Turns…

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We Need To Make Love Cool Again

I’m 21 and never been on a real date. I know right it’s sad. The only “date” I’ve been on is when a guy who was very infatuated with me asked me to go out to eat, but it wasn’t a date. I remember I was already on the way to get food with my friends but he told me he wanted me to go out to eat with him and he would pay. I was a sophomore in college, who’s going to turn down a free meal at a decent restaurant? Not me. I’m 21 and never been on…

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What I Learned This Summer About ‘Adulting’

This summer I feel like a bus came and hit me with a big sign that says ‘ADULTING’ on it in big red letters. I’ve struggled like a bitch this summer and I never would’ve thought I would be living this type of way, forced to be learning how to do everything on my own. I got the chance to finally intern at a place to pursue the requirements on my degree plan and learn about my field and this is the repay I get? That’s exactly how I felt. So once I first found out I got my internship,…

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Keys To Success For Incoming College Girls

With the incoming class of freshmen girls going to college, some of them ask questions via social media about different things like parties, boys, and campus life in general and I feel like it’s my duty to guide them.  Becoming a senior now in college, looking back on my freshmen year, there are plenty of lessons I learned and now I know the ropes of being a girl on campus. So here are some social keys to success for freshmen college girls using Nicki Minaj gifs, so let me and muva Nicki school you girls real quick:  

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