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Junior Year: Year of Trial & Error + Personal Inspiration

Junior year of college, where you finally start realizing that you’re not one of the young kids on campus but you still have a little time before your graduation.  This year of college was probably the most stressful but yet very successful. This year has been the year of trial and error definitely. I’ve went out for things and failed, fell off from some of my goals sometimes, and I even partied a lot but honestly I feel like I grew. I ultimately had a year of growth. As I look around tonight, tomorrow all of my closest friends that…

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The HBCU vs PWI Debate: My HBCU Story

Everyday it seems like Black Twitter always gets into a reoccurring discussion over which is better, HBCUS (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) vs PWIS (Predominately White Institutions). Some of the biggest HBCU advocates on twitter are @Anti_Intellect & @iamyaokhari in which most of the arguments are started and held in their mentions. Some of the debates rise from the discussion of which universities are better to attend for black people. There are some students that are very prideful of their historical black institution and then there are black people who feel that HBCUS are “less than” a PWI.  In my…

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#InspirationsWithIndia: Choose Your Tribe

Happy Monday! Welcome to just my boost of good vibes for the week! Once again another picture from Instagram that has sparked a thought within me to share. This comes from @alex_elle on Instagram, she posts many positive posts so check her out! This is about basically the company that you keep will reflect you and your work ethic.  I definitely experience a lot this while on campus.

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