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Keys To Success For Incoming College Girls

With the incoming class of freshmen girls going to college, some of them ask questions via social media about different things like parties, boys, and campus life in general and I feel like it’s my duty to guide them.  Becoming a senior now in college, looking back on my freshmen year, there are plenty of lessons I learned and now I know the ropes of being a girl on campus. So here are some social keys to success for freshmen college girls using Nicki Minaj gifs, so let me and muva Nicki school you girls real quick:  

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Junior Year: Year of Trial & Error + Personal Inspiration

Junior year of college, where you finally start realizing that you’re not one of the young kids on campus but you still have a little time before your graduation.  This year of college was probably the most stressful but yet very successful. This year has been the year of trial and error definitely. I’ve went out for things and failed, fell off from some of my goals sometimes, and I even partied a lot but honestly I feel like I grew. I ultimately had a year of growth. As I look around tonight, tomorrow all of my closest friends that…

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#BlackGirlMagic: My Top 7 Favorite College YouTubers !

Being in college with either crappy cable, very limited channels, and little to no time, Youtube is one of few options that I have to watch. My favorite thing is to watch YouTube gurus share their lives through vlogs, make-up tutorials, lookbooks, or story time videos. It gives you an insight on others lives similar to yours and a way to connect with people all across the world. It is also really inspiring to see black girls in school, making their dreams come true, and being role models while giving a glimpse of their day to day living basis.  I have a…

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#InspirationsWithIndia | Always Invest in Yourself + Ways I’m Investing in ME !

Recently, I’ve been going through many transitions between school, friendships, and life in general. Returning readers may know that most of my sparks or inspirations  come from Instagram posts and once I seen this I feel like I knew it was speaking to me. Investing into yourself is very important because as I’ve quickly found out, you need to worry about others less and focus on yourself more. If you’re a college student, there are many constant opportunities around you that this is truly the time to dedicate everything to yourself. These years in my 20’s, I’m really driven to go…

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#InspirationsWithIndia: Choose Your Tribe

Happy Monday! Welcome to just my boost of good vibes for the week! Once again another picture from Instagram that has sparked a thought within me to share. This comes from @alex_elle on Instagram, she posts many positive posts so check her out! This is about basically the company that you keep will reflect you and your work ethic.  I definitely experience a lot this while on campus.

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