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My 7 Favorite Girl Bosses of 2016

As I enter my last semester of college looking up to other women in my field is very important to me because I look up to them as the keys to my own success.  Thanks to Instagram and Twitter and being obsessed with the media, I feel like I can watch those in my field to inspire me by watching their growth! Starting this new year and my final semester the anxiety has gotten worst but watching these black women prosper in what I want to do, it calms me down because I know if they can they be young…

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PVAMU Wins Ford’s HBCU Community Challenge

Junior chemical engineering majors Fred Okafor, Kale Schuetzeburg, Jonathan Orozco, and Mustafa Saleem won the HBCU Ford Community Challenge on November 17 in Dearborn, Michigan winning $75,000 to implement their plan to impact the community. The HBCU Ford Community Challenge is put together by Ford along with Tom Joyner Morning Show and Rickey Smiley Morning Show to give students the opportunity to submit proposals based around the theme of building sustainable communities. The 4 chemical engineering students presented their proposal for Triple E, an app that will let you monitor your water, gas, and electricity in real time. Okafor explained to Black America Web…

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PVAMU’s Homecoming Brings High Spirits Onto Campus

With the new stadium, new tailgating area, and new buildings in general, Prairie View’s campus has gained a whole new spirit for homecoming. Current students along with alumni came together to celebrate more than just a week of homecoming but the expansion of Prairie View as a whole. Thousands of people, students and non-students came to the campus with high spirits and good vibes to experience what is know as one of the livest homecomings in Texas. It was estimated that there was around 25,000 people on campus for homecoming this past weekend. #PVAMU #PVHC2K16 — Greg Rose (@Iam_GRose) October…

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Keys To Success For Incoming College Girls

With the incoming class of freshmen girls going to college, some of them ask questions via social media about different things like parties, boys, and campus life in general and I feel like it’s my duty to guide them.  Becoming a senior now in college, looking back on my freshmen year, there are plenty of lessons I learned and now I know the ropes of being a girl on campus. So here are some social keys to success for freshmen college girls using Nicki Minaj gifs, so let me and muva Nicki school you girls real quick:  

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Junior Year: Year of Trial & Error + Personal Inspiration

Junior year of college, where you finally start realizing that you’re not one of the young kids on campus but you still have a little time before your graduation.  This year of college was probably the most stressful but yet very successful. This year has been the year of trial and error definitely. I’ve went out for things and failed, fell off from some of my goals sometimes, and I even partied a lot but honestly I feel like I grew. I ultimately had a year of growth. As I look around tonight, tomorrow all of my closest friends that…

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