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Living While Black: We Need The Black Panther Party !

When I woke up today, I woke up to Dylann Roof was safely taken into custody after shooting up the historic Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. He was arrested in North Carolina about 245 miles from the scene after someone called saying they noticed the car in pictures that police blasted to the public asking for help to catch this man. It’s really sad that we, black people, can’t catch a break. We have all odds against us. We can’t go swimming or go to church without being killed or harassed. To be completely honest, we are living…

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My Texas Black Expo Experience !

So I was able to experience the Texas Black Expo this past weekend for the first time! The expo is one of Texas’ largest African-American trade show that happens every year. I’m not sure why I never heard of this but it was definitely a cool networking opportunity. I went there for the workshops that they offered that really helped me! The events I went to were “Building a Career in Entertainment” that was hosted by The Breakfast Club’s, DJ Envy, an entertainment lawyer, and Bo Money the program director of Houston’s 93.7 The Beat and Diva Dialogues with Devi…

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12 Ways to Have Fun at Home From College

Sometimes coming home from college can be depressing because you’re living back with your parents and don’t have your own space, back to washing dishes, being demanded to do things you don’t want to, and for some…curfew. After turning up every other day and sleeping in until 3 in the afternoon, something about home forces you to change up your fun routines. You’re away from your college friends, everything is far away, and the turnups more than likely cost. With 3 months to spare you may be counting down the days until you go back to “the hill” for me…

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Dear Suburban Black Kid, Hey you. How long have you been out this way? Did you move here or have you always been here? As you look around in your class and see all of your friends, Ally, Chase, and Elizabeth know that we’re not equal. You’ll go to the same schools as them, go to the mall together, and live in the same neighborhood but you’re not their equal.  When it comes down to it no matter how great of a house you live in or how proper you talk the only thing that some will ever see is the…

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‘I Am Cait’ and Why Her Sex Change is Positive for Society

As the steam from the hot cup of tea has started to cool off, I really started to think about the bigger picture in the coming out of Caitlyn Jenner. There’s way more to this situation than Bruce Jenner becoming a transgender. Of course at first I was wondering how could someone at the age of 65 all of a sudden decide…NOW is the time that I want to change my sex and become a completely different person. I laughed at all the jokes and the memes and then I realized that Jenner’s sex change was actually a positive thing.

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