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Vision Board Making Tips + Vision Board Playlist for 2017

Making a vision board is one of my favorite things to do at the beginning of the year because number one, it’s relaxing and two it allows you to take all of those New Year’s resolutions and put them on the table. Everyone usually makes these new goals for themselves yearly but what good are those goals if you can’t see them and have a constant reminder of them.  Let’s plan that vision board making party now so grab the poster board, some magazines, glue and lets make our goals come to life in 2017. Add quotes to your vision…

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We Need To Make Love Cool Again

I’m 21 and never been on a real date. I know right it’s sad. The only “date” I’ve been on is when a guy who was very infatuated with me asked me to go out to eat, but it wasn’t a date. I remember I was already on the way to get food with my friends but he told me he wanted me to go out to eat with him and he would pay. I was a sophomore in college, who’s going to turn down a free meal at a decent restaurant? Not me. I’m 21 and never been on…

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The Bad Boy Reunion Tour From a 90’s Baby

When you think of a Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour, you probably think the whole arena will be filled with people about 35 years old and older reminiscing their early 20’s and jamming with their spouse remembering the “old days.” That is true but I, a 21-year-old was definitely in the building swaying singing just about every song to the top of my lungs. I went to the show in Houston at the Toyota Center and it was the best show ever. Growing up as a 90’s baby, hearing the sultry voices of Faith Evans to 112 and the real…

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Southside With You Movie Review (NO SPOILERS!)

The Downtown Tea had the pleasure to view a private screening of Southside With You during the National Association of Black Journalists conference before it’s release date and it’s definitely a movie that will have you glued to your seat. This film needs to be on your to watch list during it’s debut week. The viewing was followed by a panel discussion with the the two star actors and the director. Southside With You is a film that takes you on a visual ride from beginning to end on the Obama’s first date. Taking place during the summer of 1989 in Chicago,…

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Black Dating App Smoochr Lets You Choose Your Mate Based on Skin Color & Hair Type

When you thought dating sites couldn’t get more creepy, Smoochr is an app that has come to top it off with internalized discrimination. There are many dating websites like Christian Mingle, Tinder, Plenty of Fish, and more dedicated for all different types of people leaving black people in a funk trying to find black love.  Black People Meet People, SoulSwipe, and the Bae App are a couple sites that have allowed those to find what they may be looking for among other African-Americans but Smoothr puts the cherry on top of being very specific in your search. Smoochr is a…

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