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Letters to My Black Man

Everyone has a platform and I believe with each platform we can bring change to the system or at least change the views of those around us. Recently, there has been a series of events that has put this country in such pain for black America.  This isn’t a problem that has just occurred, it’s an on-going problem that needs to make a change. I’ve asked individuals on different social media platforms to share their thoughts and concerns about the state that we, as a people are in. We are in this together and without sticking together, we can’t bring change but…

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What I Learned This Summer About ‘Adulting’

This summer I feel like a bus came and hit me with a big sign that says ‘ADULTING’ on it in big red letters. I’ve struggled like a bitch this summer and I never would’ve thought I would be living this type of way, forced to be learning how to do everything on my own. I got the chance to finally intern at a place to pursue the requirements on my degree plan and learn about my field and this is the repay I get? That’s exactly how I felt. So once I first found out I got my internship,…

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Protective Styles & No Clothes: My Summer Go-Tos!

During the summer time, I feel like it’s the perfect time to be low maintenance and cute.  Some of my favorite go-tos during the summer are to protective style and to wear as least clothes as possible. Living in Texas, the weather can be very annoying from it’s beaming sunny and humid weather to it’s hurricane rainy days.  After being a resident for almost 10 years, the heat still bothers me. Lets get into hair… Protective styling in the summer is my favorite because it allows me to not be stressed out during those 101 degree days trying to figure…

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Why YouTube Vlogs Are Better Than Reality TV

Millennial adults have grown up with reality tv ever since probably the first reality TV show of our time, Flavor of Love and those following it just kept our attention. Older adults mostly cringe at the fact that reality TV is so prevalent now in 2016 and there’s literally a show for everything. The thing that bothers people who decide to not watch reality TV is probably that it lacks “reality”. Of course in previous times they were probably more real and less scripted but the exploitation that it does to people especially black women. From the Love & Hip-Hops to…

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