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‘I Am Cait’ and Why Her Sex Change is Positive for Society

As the steam from the hot cup of tea has started to cool off, I really started to think about the bigger picture in the coming out of Caitlyn Jenner. There’s way more to this situation than Bruce Jenner becoming a transgender. Of course at first I was wondering how could someone at the age of 65 all of a sudden decide…NOW is the time that I want to change my sex and become a completely different person. I laughed at all the jokes and the memes and then I realized that Jenner’s sex change was actually a positive thing.

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#THINKTINK: 5 Reasons Why I Love Tink !

She’s my best friend! Tink really makes you feel like you’re her best friend through her music! She’s so personable and makes you feel some type of way because whatever she’s singing or rapping about, we’ve seen it or been through it!  She’s literally telling your story, your sister’s story, or your best friend’s story. When I listen to her I just keep thinking ‘yes girl you really understand me’ especially on ‘Treat Me Like Somebody’ & ‘Don’t Tell Nobody’ featuring Jeremih. It’s all relatable. She’s the voice of the young people. I don’t know if y’all remember back in the day when Lil’ Mama…

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Billboard Music Awards: THE TEA RECAP !

Hey Tea Sippers ! So first off, I only really watch the Billboard Awards for three reasons: for the performances, to see the outfits, and to see who actually wins the awards duh. There are usually just a lot of artists I either don’t know or simply don’t care for.  I do enjoy watching so that I can stay in the loop and to be able to tweet with my  timeline; that’s always fun.The 2015 Billboard Music Awards aired live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and here are some of my favs or moments of shade about the show….…

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WORLD STOP! Nicki & Bey Exclusively Drop ‘Feeling Myself’ Video

Who better to pull another “Beyonce” on us than Bey plus Nicki?! The ‘Feelin’ Myself’ video was dropped this evening exclusively on Tidal, the new way to stream high quality music. You know you can tell that it’s summer time because we see the queens having loads of fun with water guns, eating junk food, and road tripping. The video leads us to Coachella and shows the exciting and cool friendship that the two actually have. It’s full of bright colors and a fun time and of course makes us feel as though we are all best friends through the screen. If you…

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PVAMU takes Selma for it’s 50th Anniversary

After a long 10 hour trip from Prairie View, Texas to Selma, Alabama, PVAMU made their mark on Selma for it’s 50th anniversary. This was definitely an humbling experience to be in such a place where history was made. It seemed so surreal and I’m more than proud and blessed that my HBCU offered me this opportunity. Watching the Selma movie on the way there, seeing motivational speakers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and hearing people’s story really put everything in perspective. 50 years ago was not that long at all….my granny is barely some years over 50. Being…

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