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Up & Coming Artist 2Fly Exclusive Interview

2Fly is the newest upcoming face of the rap game.  From Houston, Texas, 2Fly moved to Dallas with his mother for better opportunities. Growing up he listened to a lot of  Michael Jackson but hearing 50 Cent’s ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ inspired him to rap. Getting started, 2Fly was apart of a group that didn’t work out, but yet he’s the only one still standing. To be able to reach his full potential, the solo route was for the best. At a performance for his high school talent show as a junior, 2Fly knew this was what he was born…

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Chris Brown & Karrueche’s Fight + Exclusive on What Rihanna Had to Say – PLUS Chris VS Kylie Jenner

Being apart of #TeamBreezy since 2005, I’ve seen all of Chris Brown’s ups and down, bought every album, and seen him in concert. Anyone  that knows me, knows I’ve been on the Chris Brown train and it makes  me sad  because all he can seem to do is stay in the headlines for his negativity. Of course a lot of situations that Chris is involved in have no excuses but I think this certain one with Karrueche Tran is misunderstood. Here’s why:

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What’s the Tea!? | KimYe Baby #2, Nicki & Meek are Done , Someone Loves Iggy?

What’s the Tea!? KIM & KANYE  When you’re looking at North West, you’re looking at seriously a one year old that is worth more than you and everything you have. She’s praised on social media for having the most talked about parents, her great facial expressions, and excellent baby swag. No longer will baby Nori have all the shine because a sibling is coming into the picture! KimYe is expecting baby number 2! What will we do with the cuteness overload of TWO baby KimYes? Now will it be a boy or girl is the question and which do we…

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‘I Am Cait’ and Why Her Sex Change is Positive for Society

As the steam from the hot cup of tea has started to cool off, I really started to think about the bigger picture in the coming out of Caitlyn Jenner. There’s way more to this situation than Bruce Jenner becoming a transgender. Of course at first I was wondering how could someone at the age of 65 all of a sudden decide…NOW is the time that I want to change my sex and become a completely different person. I laughed at all the jokes and the memes and then I realized that Jenner’s sex change was actually a positive thing.

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