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Celebrate 9 Years of Bey & Jay With the ‘Die With You’ Video & IV Ever Ever Playlist

The Carters have been married for nine years now and finally Beyonce’ has released the single, ‘Die With You’ as a Tidal exclusive. Bey surprised fans in a series of Instagram posts of quotes and a preview of the video. đź’™ 4.4.17 đź’™ A post shared by BeyoncĂ© (@beyonce) on Apr 4, 2017 at 12:04pm PDT A post shared by BeyoncĂ© (@beyonce) on Apr 4, 2017 at 12:05pm PDT A post shared by BeyoncĂ© (@beyonce) on Apr 4, 2017 at 11:59am PDT According to Billboard, “back in 2015, the singer uploaded a video on Tidal of her singing the ballad while…

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Read How #UberBae Meets the Side Chick Driving Her to Her Man’s Apartment

It seems like in 2017 people are using Twitter as if they’re in a confessional like on reality TV.  Any story on social media is bound to go viral especially if it has a catchy hashtag attached.  We’ve had #HurtBae, #StrandedBae, #BootBae and now we have #UberBae. Twitter user and Uber driver @Msixelaa tells the story doing her normal Uber runs and picks up a girl who she bonds with over love songs and boyfriend talk.  While bonding on the ride to the destination, @Msixelaa realized that she was pulling up to the apartments of her man where the rider was going…

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Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Make Love’ Video Makes Their Relationship Awkward

One of the tracks that caused the vicious Remy and Nicki beef ‘Make Love’ with Gucci Mane released it’s live mansion pool party visual. Though the song is a great Nicki and Gucci collab, the video seems to awkward because while Gucci is enjoying models, jets, and fancy cars, the duo never come together in a shot.  Nicki just sits on an inflatable unicorn delivering her verse. With all of the rumors and speculations that involved Nicki & Gucci about their past, it’s hard to believe that they’re completely 100% cool again like back in their ‘Slumber Party’ days.  Nicki reminisces on their past collaborations…

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DJs and Producers Can Now Make Revenue Through Soundcloud Premier

Soundcloud has good news for DJs and and producers giving the creatives the opportunity to make revenue from their mixes. On March 13, the Soundcloud blog states that: “SoundCloud Premier was launched in 2014 to enable creators to earn money for the work they share on SoundCloud. The program is powered by the revenues we generate through our subscription services and advertising on the platform. The more we grow revenues, the more creators we can invite into the program.” Thanks to the program, DJs and producers will now be able to profit from their remixes, mixes, sets, and any other creative…

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Chris Brown Releases New Single ‘Privacy’ for the Ladies

#TeamBreezy and Breezy fans all over are definitely excited about Chris Brown’s new single titled ‘Privacy’ that he released early Friday morning.  Bringing back the sexy joints for the ladies, Chris promises fans that this next album is for the ladies. PRIVACY is mixed and mastered… release coming next week! THIS SUMMER IS ALL ABOUT THE WOMEN! ❤️️🎉🙏🏾 — Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) March 19, 2017 If you’re into that raw, sexy, and explicit Chris, then you’ll love the newest single from his eighth studio album ‘Heartbreak on a Full Moon’ which is set to release sometime during the summer. Brown is set…

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