A #TeamBreezy Merry Christmas: The #ChristmasChallenge

A #TeamBreezy Merry Christmas: The #ChristmasChallenge

Chris Brown definitely broke the internet this morning doing the ‘Chicken Head’ and (what we called it up north), ‘The Pancake’ with the famous Throwback Thursday joint, “Right Thurr” by Chingy. He took what is called the #ChristmasChallenge and tagged @woody_thegreat, who is one of four who started this quick sensation. Since I seen the video when it first posted, there has been thousands and thousands of people making videos tagging Chris trying to get reposted on his page! Being the stan that I am, I’m guilty of trying  accepting the challenge trying to get reposted lol ! Check out some of these really good ones.

The Original

Chris Brown’s


Justin Bieber

Lil Mama



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