PVAMU takes Selma for it’s 50th Anniversary

PVAMU takes Selma for it’s 50th Anniversary

After a long 10 hour trip from Prairie View, Texas to Selma, Alabama, PVAMU made their mark on Selma for it’s 50th anniversary. This was definitely an humbling experience to be in such a place where history was made. It seemed so surreal and I’m more than proud and blessed that my HBCU offered me this opportunity. Watching the Selma movie on the way there, seeing motivational speakers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and hearing people’s story really put everything in perspective. 50 years ago was not that long at all….my granny is barely some years over 50. Being here showed me that we have come so far and there is some black unity in the community somewhere because if not, people would have not traveled from all over the United States to be here to reenact the walk. This was definitely an experience that I will take with me forever.


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