12 Ways to Have Fun at Home From College

12 Ways to Have Fun at Home From College

Sometimes coming home from college can be depressing because you’re living back with your parents and don’t have your own space, back to washing dishes, being demanded to do things you don’t want to, and for some…curfew. After turning up every other day and sleeping in until 3 in the afternoon, something about home forces you to change up your fun routines. You’re away from your college friends, everything is far away, and the turnups more than likely cost. With 3 months to spare you may be counting down the days until you go back to “the hill” for me or your respective yards. If you’re in the Dallas area here’s a list of things to do in the city with your family or friends so that you don’t die of boredom in the “Triple D”….

  1. Go experience the Taste of Dallas June 12-14  – I’ve never been to the Taste of Dallas but I’ve always wanted to go. If it’s anything close to the Taste of Chicago then I’m sure it’ll be live with some good food!
  1. Visit Deep Ellum– Deep Ellum has a lot of cool different people down there. There are many bars and any tattoo shops and it gets really live and weird at night. Deep Ellum is filled with a lot of artsy and creative things so if you’re not into tats and drinking you can always walk around, site see, and take cool pictures with graffiti backgrounds.
  1. Visit Klyde Warren Park– Thanks to Snapchat’s Dallas Live story, it showed that this is the place to be during the day! With the new bridge and the trinity river back flowing, the scenery is a perfect for a day out the your family or your bae. The food trucks and just walking around for the day will be a nice experience. On their website you can find a list of events like yoga going on in the park.
  1. Grab a snowcone! – From south Dallas to north Dallas there are really bomb ass snowcones everywhere! The Bahama Bucks franchise have some the best snowcones where you can add crème. The snowcone lady in downtown Frisco is really good for the cheapest prices, but the best snowcone that I’ve had was one from a DeSoto snowcone place on Hampton Road. So if your close or far it’s really worth the drive because it’s bomb! There are a lot of different cool named flavors plus the options to add candy and pickles! Bottom line a snowone is a good way to cool down from the Texas heat.
  1. Go to the lake! – Lake Lewisville and Joe Pool Lake are some of the lakes in Dallas that can be fun with family and friends. Lake Lewisville has a man made beach and is definitely a nice place to have a picnic.
  1. Party! – Even though college partying and kickback are completely different from partying at home, there are plenty of scenes constantly going on in the D. Clubs like Monroe Lounge, Globe Saturdays, & Vue Fridays are just some that I know of because some of my friends are the coordinators for the events. If you follow any parts of “black Dallas twitter” I’m sure you’ll find all the summer turn ups as they come. If not just search the names on Twitter.
  1. Visit the Farmers Market– Downtown Dallas has a farmers market that has plenty of sellers from different parts of Texas that sell natural fruits and other products for really good prices. So if you’re on a healthy kick, this is a good place to get a bunch of fruit and vegetables for the low low.
  1. Visit every mall in Dallas– There are tons of malls all over the metroplex. Instead of always going to your home mall where you know your way around and you know you can never find anything, try making those drives just because and go experience new shopping. Some are better than others but it’s all for the experience!
  • North Park Mall- North Dallas
  • Stonebriar Mall- Frisco
  • Valley View Mall – North Dallas
  • Grapevine Mills – Grapevine
  • Parks Mall – Arlington
  • The Galleria – Dallas
  • Willow Bend Mall – Plano
  • Town East Mall – Mesquite
  • Collin Creek Mall – Plano
  • Red Bird Mall – South Dallas
  • Vista Ridge Mall – Lewisville
  • Irving Mall – Irving

9. Spend time with family– Spending time with your family is always fun because they’ve missed you from college! Take some time to watch Netflix or play board games with the people you love.

  1. Be Kim K or Kanye for the day– Go visit the rich parts of Dallas and live the life. Go window-shopping or shopping (if you got the money because I don’t) in the nicest places of the city like Highland Park Village, Shops of Legacy, or Uptown. There are plenty of uppity shops and food places to try.
  1. Be a kid!– Go to SkyZone or Jump Street and have a field day. Those blue cubes and trampolines really excite me, I’ve never been but it’s another thing on my budget list. There are always groupons for places like this so you can have fun for cheap.
  1. Taste the best food all over the city– if you’re really interested in food like food bloggers and want to try good food then make a Dallas food bucket list. There are plenty of good food all over Dallas. Start with the popular places and then go small. This is also a good way to learn the city.

Some of these things I have not done but will do. Of course I will either vlog or write about my experiences and we can do this together! If you’re not from Dallas, make the list fit your city! What are some other fun things to do in Dallas for college students that will keep their minds off of going back to college? Tell me some of your ideas!


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