#APieceOfBurger: Another News Fool

#APieceOfBurger: Another News Fool

#APieceofBurger hit the internet last week afternoon after Courtney Barnes was interviewed by news stations about a car accident in Mississippi. His green hair, nails to match, and great story telling imagery landed him to go viral in a short amount of time.

Being extra, having the most going on with his outer appearance, and of course being super dramatic caused his fame all over social media. This isn’t the first time when we’ve had people negatively exploited on the news and it becomes a joke to the masses. Remember Antione Dodson ‘Hide Ya Kids Hide Ya Wive”, Sweet Georgia Brown ‘Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That”, and Donna Goudeau “P.O.P. Hold It Down”? These viral stars have made themselves famous with their meme ready slogans from a seven to ten second sound bite.

Besides the 15 minutes of fame and the laughs does anyone look at the bigger issue? It seems as if news reporters truly only chose that one person that they are sure can put on the best show for the camera. It depicts black people as uneducated and really gives a negative image. In the back of my mind I’m thinking how does this become a reoccurring thing? Is this truly the way these individuals act or is it that they know that this is their “time to shine” ?

Whether if it’s one or the other, it proves that we don’t know how to censor ourselves when the situation is present. Changing yourself, no , but censoring your words and construct yourself differently than you would to your homeboys or your home girls, yes. Broadcasting your ignorance to the nation shouldn’t be your goal when being interviewed.

Plow twist for #PieceOfBurger, he was arrested and won’t be able to enjoy his whole 15 minutes of fame due to theft charges from the past. He was caught shoplifting several times in places like VANS. He turned himself in on Thursday.

This is where I get on my soapbox and scream black people wake up. Seriously. I cannot be the only young person tired of seeing this foolery too often. Of course I laugh and sometimes it is funny, but most of the time it’s hard for me to watch and I’m shaking my head.  Look at the other side, you don’t see other people on the news telling their flamboyant stories with their crazy looks. No. So stop letting your cousins and ‘dem go on TV looking like that.

On the other hand, if I was a black news reporter, I promise I would not let someone acting or looking like that be on live TV. I would try to find the other nearest person to represent the situation or the community. As a young journalist, I’m here to change the perspective of African-Americans in the media, not to exploit them. So stop it, please. We don’t need any more.


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