#InspirationsWithIndia: Choose Your Tribe

#InspirationsWithIndia: Choose Your Tribe

Happy Monday! Welcome to just my boost of good vibes for the week!

Once again another picture from Instagram that has sparked a thought within me to share. This comes from @alex_elle on Instagram, she posts many positive posts so check her out! This is about basically the company that you keep will reflect you and your work ethic.  I definitely experience a lot this while on campus.


Being on a college campus you meet all different types of people from all different walks of life and many different personalities. It may not come quickly but you will soon understand that you are who you hang around (in some cases). If you hang around bums and all they do is smoke and skip class then you will probably end up doing that with them.

I would say that this has happened to me in a certain way. Sometimes the urge of always wanting to have fun, being wild and free, and young gets in the way of the real goal at hand. I had to redirect my focus and just come to conclusion I love my friends but they will be there, I have to focus on my goals I am trying to accomplish in these years. I became the Lifestyles Editor of my campus newspaper and I started hanging out with my friends in my major more. I can honestly say because we share the same major that we more than likely have the same goals. We all try to push each other and motivate each other in the direction we are trying to go. We talk about our future together and we discuss how we’re going to get there. Since choosing this tribe, I have learned so much about myself and who to connect with in my career.

My friends who do not share my same career goals are no less than those that do but realize that there is a time and a place to work and play. Sometimes you have to learn to separate the two and ration out your time. Being around likeminded people will always progress you as a person.


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