#KEEPITDOWN….Dear Bree, Thank You.

#KEEPITDOWN….Dear Bree, Thank You.

We have a new hero and her name is Bree Newsome! Brittney Newsome (known as Bree) along with James Tyson are apart of an organized group in which they planned to take down the Confederate flag.

According to organizer Tamika Lewis, they planned to keep the flag in a box during the funeral of those that died in Charleston.“We didn‘t see it fit to have the flag stand erect while the people who were massacred were laid to rest under it.” (source: New York Daily News)  

Newsome went up the 30 foot flag pole saying memorable quotes like “I come to get you in the name of God. This flag comes down today” while bystanders clapped and celebrated her courageous act shouting “we have nothing to lose but our chains.”

As she came down, she stated that she was prepared to get arrested. Her partner and she were both arrested and to make matters worse, two hours later, it was a black man’s job hang the flag back up. I wanted to give Bree a couple of words…

Dear Bree,

I want to first thank you for your courage. I can imagine it was a nerve wrecking but yet fulfilling moment. You are a hero. Everyone on social media is blowing up and we are behind you. I  couldn’t even imagine how you must’ve felt before and after this event but even though you know this, I just want to say you were in the right. Most of us are talking about the revolution and talking about doing but did it! I’m glad it was you because you handled the situation so well and calm.

You are going to go down in history for attempting to make a difference. Wether or not they like it, you saw, you came, and you conquered. Everyone in America understood your message loud and clear. Thank you for your bravery and you just being you, because every little step toward progression counts. I hope that one day I can make a difference like you for our community. Thank you and we are all behind you and praying for you.


India Monee’


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