My Best Dollar Ever Spent: Dollar & A Dream Tour + Vlog

My Best Dollar Ever Spent: Dollar & A Dream Tour + Vlog

After a 4 hour wait outside in the Texas heat, several pushing and bum rushing incidents, and struggling to get a wristband, I was finally able to see my favorite rapper, J.Cole on his famous Dollar and a Dream Tour! If you don’t know anything about these tours, he basically told us he was going on tour and finally coming to Dallas about a week before and all the locations are secret until the day of. People were really scattered all over the city at different venues hoping that it would be that one. At 4pm J.Cole tweeted that it was at the House of Blues downtown and luckily I was in the right spot!


Fighting to get closer to the front and get a wristband to get in was one hard and irritating thing to go through in the hot and rainy weather but in the end in it was all worth it! To open up, Dreamville artists Omen, Bas, and Cozz performed and all of them were actually great. I have of course heard of them but never really listened to them if they weren’t featured on a Cole record but they all seriously had talent. They weren’t those type of openers where you get mad the main act wasn’t on stage yet and everyone else vibed with them as well.

J. Cole only performed Friday Night Lights and it was literally the best concert I’ve ever been to. You could see and feel the passion in each song he performed! He took us back to what he was thinking and how he was feeling when he made and decided to drop his project. It’s one thing to come to a concert to get live but it’s a completely different thing when you actually feel connected to the artist. I’m just so happy that I was able to get in and experience this. At the end he gave us a preview of the Forest Hills Drive Tour which will be in the fall, and performed songs like ‘G.O.M.D.’  It was a once in a lifetime experience and the best dollar I ever spent.

Check out my most recent vlog to watch my experience!


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