What’s the Tea!? | KimYe Baby #2, Nicki & Meek are Done , Someone Loves Iggy?

What’s the Tea!? | KimYe Baby #2, Nicki & Meek are Done , Someone Loves Iggy?

What’s the Tea!? KIM & KANYE 


When you’re looking at North West, you’re looking at seriously a one year old that is worth more than you and everything you have. She’s praised on social media for having the most talked about parents, her great facial expressions, and excellent baby swag. No longer will baby Nori have all the shine because a sibling is coming into the picture! KimYe is expecting baby number 2! What will we do with the cuteness overload of TWO baby KimYes? Now will it be a boy or girl is the question and which do we want more? Hmmm. I’m thinking maybe a icy little boy to compliment Kanye. Most importantly, what will be the baby’s name because it seriously needs to compliment baby North.

Here’s 5 possible name suggestions for the baby:

  1. Yeezus West- I feel like this is definitely an obvious name to consider  because…just because.
  2. Kanye West Jr.- Kanye junior is a possibility just because I’m sure Kanye would want his son to probably carry on the great Kanye legacy. He definitely wouldn’t be nicknamed KJ though, too basic for these two.
  3.  Icy West- Oooo I feel like this could work for a boy or a girl! I like this name the most! I think Icy would be good because 1. it’s different and cute 2. When I first heard the baby’s name was North, I assumed it was related to Kanye being from Chicago which is up north ahaha. Icy would represent the icy Chi-Town weather and how icy this new baby is going to be! The lifestyle, clothes, and family…it’s all icy!
  4. Krislie West- (chris-lee)- All I did was put Kris and Kylie together to keep the ‘K’ name going. Kim and Kanye have the same initials now that they’re married. Why wouldn’t they keep the ‘K’ thing pushing?
  5. Fashion K. West- What better word to describe the both parents than fashion? This name is so cute and not only describes them but I’m sure it’ll describe the baby as well!

What’s the Tea!? NICKI MINAJ & MEEK MILL


Sighhh. Can people just stay together anymore? Rumors were circulating around that Nicki and Meek may have broken up. How do we know this? Social media duh! Twitter and Instagram tells it all with relationships wether you’re an A-list celebrity or just an average college student. I think the first post I seen was Meek Mill’s post clearly letting everyone know that he was in his feelings.

Then on the flip side Nicki’s posts weren’t as sappy as if she’s happy and relieved, but that’s just the woman in her trying to flex! She ain’t foolin’ nobody because we’ve all been there.

Nicki is thee queen of shade so we know with any situation, Nicki is not going to be caught lackin’ looking like a weak female. No ma’am. The dodged the bullet quote really shocked me because…damn…that’s a real big statement.

Later the day, I guess Nicki had to clarify that everything at home was good. But is it? Hopefully there isn’t that many problems going on because Nicki does have a mystery ring that we all assumed Meek gave to her.



The girl that gets the most hate, has surpassed us all! Iggy Azalea was proposed to by basketball boyfriend Nick Young. They have been together since late 2013 and it was said that Young knew that she was the one. He shocked her in front of friends and family and proposed to her with a $500,000 ring. Well I guess she made it and don’t have to worry about people dissing her anymore because she’s wived up!


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