My HBCU Media Week Experience- Hampton, VA

My HBCU Media Week Experience- Hampton, VA

Last week I was able to travel to Hampton, Virginia to experience HBCU Digest’s 2015 HBCU Media Week hosted by Hampton University. It was a three-day conference where professionals taught different practices to build the communication community in your career and also at your university.

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photo by: DZ Productions

It was definitely a great experience.  It was really inspiring to be surrounded by professionals in the field that gave some good advice on building your career.  I received many pointers on how to come up in the media world and it really inspired me! Being around those that have come before you just makes me feel like wow I can make it. I left with being very determined.

The last day was the award ceremony, Prairie View was nominated for five awards including best HBCU of the Year. We left with one award for best female faculty, Dr. Amber Johnson. I was also able to visit Norfolk State University, which was also an experience. Seeing other HBCUs and hearing about their history was fun and exciting.


photo by: DZ Productions


photo by: DZ Productions

In other HBCU News, PV’s very own Mr. David Hughes made number 26 on HBCU Buzz’s list for Top 30 Under 30 for his mentoring program, and I was able to interview him on his experience! To see the list and read more on Mr. Hughes click here.


IM: How do you get nominated and how did you find out about the list ?

DH: I follow HBCU buzz on Instagram that’s how I found out about it and my frat brothers friends nominated me.

IM: What was the process of being on the list?

DH: Once I nominated, they contacted me and I had to fill out paper work. Then they told me you’ll see what number you were on the list once it was published.

IM: What inspired you to create your mentoring program & what all is done in the program?

DH: I went to Morehouse College and there they teach you how to become a man. I wanted to bring that culture to Prairie View and give a sense of guidance to the young men on campus. We bridge the gap from being a boy to a man. We teach them how to tie a tie and things like that because I didn’t learn to tie one until I got to college.

IM: What was your initial goal with the program and what has been the progress over the years ?

DH: It’s the second year of its inception and I really just wanted a sense of tradition and pride beginning at PV. I want them leaving carrying themselves in a different way. It’s been really successful though. 90 % came back for their sophomore year. Many of them have gained internships, scholarships, and have learned to interact with the faculty.

IM: What was your reaction to being on the list?

DH: I was really happy and grateful. I thanked my department who allowed me to be be the youngest professor in the College of Education.

IM: What are some plans for the future for your program ?

DH: I want to incorporate giving back. I want to do fundraising  and do something to have them give back to next year’s class. For example ties, maybe raise money to buy the incoming guys ties. This can crate a culture of giving back.

IM: What’s one piece of advice you would give all HBCU students today?

DH: You never know who’s going to help you so be professional and courteous. The way you dress, act, and everything else, it matters. It’ll open doors for you that you wouldn’t expect.

Check out my vlog from the trip and my colleagues video as well!

DZ Productions

My Vlog


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