Why I Love Meek Mill Passed His Music + With Nicki Minaj

Why I Love Meek Mill Passed His Music  + With Nicki Minaj

Nicki and Meek are slowly but surely becoming my favorite couple in the industry. Ever since Nicki’s major break up with Safaree, it seems like Meek just came in as Nicki’s savior.  Many people think that their relationship is either fake or really forced but I loved them!  Ever since Angie Martinez’s interview with Nicki last December and Martinez suggested being in a relationship with Meek, I was just like that wouldn’t be a bad idea. All of a sudden, BAM! They’re a thing. According to Meek Mill’s recent interview with The Breakfast Club, he was already in a relationship with Nicki during that time, but decided to be private.


Meek just seems so genuine, not only has he BEEN trying to get with Nicki, you can see the joy all on his face. He flaunts her,  he calls her his lady, and respects her. I swear  I love that street dude that can show that he has that soft spot for his girl.



I’m sure that because he has wanted her for so long, that it also plays a role but it’s no secret now Meek is on a grind and he’ll get what he wants. With his new album, his new app, and then Nicki, he’s on top. They’re just too cute, officially relationship goals.

I love that he’s from the streets but he’s trying to push and become bigger.  He talks about helping the younger generation and flip the “meaning of cool” in our culture. Growing up he talked about how drugs and killing, just the street life was “cool” but he wants the change that for kids today.  What sparked me was he said “treat your freedom like 10 million dollars”. When you have that type of money you know you’re going to hold it dear to you, treat your freedom like that. That is definitely good advice; it was something that he told Bobby Shmurda on the phone from jail.  He’s always talking about inspiring.  I truly respect him for  trying to make a difference while still being himself.

Dreams Worth More Than Money is in stores now. It’s a lit album.



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  1. lashundreana
    July 12, 2015 / 11:58 pm

    Yes i feel the same and especially at the bet awards like they was life to me and they really seem to be in love and i love it😀😊