Sorry For the Wait ! | I’m Back Blogging !

Sorry For the Wait ! | I’m Back Blogging !

Hey everyone! I have not been blogging due to summer school! It was super intense and stressful. On top of that I went on another trip to the NABJ Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Of course I’ve been thinking of ways to brand The Downtown Tea and make it become much better. I have lots of idea coming up with more time to do them so please stay tuned! Also be on the look out for The Downtown Tea radio to get back up and running this fall, on the TuneIn Radio app on PV-U KNO Radio.

To see what I’ve been doing please check out my Summer Vlog 8! I’ve also done a video on ways to survive at PVAMU or any other university. Please check these out, comment, like, and please subscribe. I will be back up and running asap and stay tuned for everything I have planned for the fall. Thanks guys.

Summer Vlog 8

Ways to Survive at PVAMU or any other University!

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