White Boy, Gold Teeth, & Braids: Mr. White Iverson, Post Malone

White Boy, Gold Teeth, & Braids: Mr. White Iverson, Post Malone

Straight Outta Dallas, Post Malone is balling and saucing to the mainstream! The exposure from Jaden Smith and performing at Kylie Jenner’s party may have kicked off his career nationally, but he’s been on the scene locally. The first time I heard Post Malone’s name was in the mix of the Dallas party scene earlier this year and ever since I’ve been a fan.

Post Malone is not your average white boy and that is what in particular makes him stands out. Often compared to Riff Raff, his gold teeth, braids, and throw back jerseys has gotten all eyes on him followed by many questions. He’s done interviews recently with HOT 97 and The Breakfast Club where got grilled but opened up and explained that he’s not appropriating black culture and this is who he is. Growing up, his dad put him on to all different types of music including rap. In the interview with HOT 97 he recalls a memory of his dad playing NWA and mentioned how he loved them as a kid. As far as the braids and gold teeth, he says he just does what he likes.

His single ‘White Iverson’ isn’t rap but isn’t R&B, it’s that perfect twist in the middle that will definitely get you turnt. In the future, he does plan on making all different types of music like country mentioning that he plays the guitar.

Check out the White Iverson video! It’s pretty icy. You see Post Malone flexing with nice cars, nice apparel, and hitting the now famous ‘DABB’ dance (that I’m almost positive was created in Dallas or by people from Dallas).

It’s safe to say that I accept Post Malone into the black community along with the other honorary white chocolate artist like Eminem and Justin Timberlake! He seems really chill and sincere. I think he’s here to stay for a while. What do you think? Share your thoughts!

Post Malone x White Iverson

HOT 97 Interview

The Breakfast Club Interview

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