My Favorite Recent Interviews!

Since school has been recently taking over my life, I’ve been slow on blogging just because I have a lot on my plate but I have been vlogging and on Youtube, and you can watch my life and subscribe here.

I’ve been watching plenty of interviews lately just because my college cable sucks so here’s my favorite recent interviews!

Waka Flocka on The Breakfast Club

The evolution of Waka Flocka is crazy! If you remember back in the day when Waka was really poppin’ he was wild, crazy, and reckless but this 2015 Flocka is enlightened. He seemed to have become more educated since he’s become more traveled. He’s speaks on many current topics like Caitlin Jenner, police brutality, and education. This Waka talked about investing his money and how he stopped wearing all his flashy jewelry. I loved Waka Flocka Flame before but this interview made me love him even more. If you are or were a fan, this interview will definitely leave you in wows.

T.I. on HOT 97

T.I. and the hosts on HOT 97 had me crackin’ up laughing the entire time. I learned that Iggy finally was dropped from T.I.’s label for good reasoning and he spoke or spoke around on the rumors about his homeboy peeing on Drake. We already know that T.I. and his vocabulary is very comical along with Rosenberg and Ebro.

Diggy on Sway in the Morning 

Diggy has definitely grew up over the years! I mean we’re the same age but since Run’s House went off, I feel like the world has missed out on those growing years you know. Sway got Diggy to open up about girls and his up and coming career with acting.  It was just a surprise to see him after so long!

King Louie on Vlad TV

If you know me, you know I’m in love with King Louie! I’m not even sure why, but I do. Even though this video is very short, I feel like it just gives me a glimpse of what King Louie’s personality is like. He’s crazy, but what did I expect? lol

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