4 Reasons Why College Students Deserve a Week Long Thanksgiving Break

4 Reasons Why College Students Deserve a Week Long Thanksgiving Break

After a long fall semester, college students are so eager to have that first break away from school, Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is that time of the year in which college students are so enthusiastic to leave school for a moment, see their families, get away from school responsibilities, and most importantly eat real food.

High school students seem to have the most luxury of having the whole week off but here are reasons college students deserve the entire week off:

  • College is stressful. As college students, we have endured a whole semester of quizzes, exams, group projects,labs, outside organizations, and more strenuous  work and Thanksgiving is that mile marker when we know the end is near. Dealing with professors and managing your time to complete work on top of a billion other things is overwhelming.


  • Exams come right after the break. We need that break to actually gather our thoughts to prepare and study for finals. When we have less than a week, we’re just trying to relax and not think about class for at least 5 days. That break away is what’s needed to finish the race of the semester.


  • We need nutritional meals! Eating in the university’s cafeteria can be   is so annoying when your options are slim to none. Coming home to finally raid your pantry and eating Thanksgiving leftovers for the rest of the week is truly a blessing coming from only having pizza, sandwiches, and slop as your everyday options.


  • Family time is needed. Usually college students are too busy to come home on the weekends so family time is definitely essential. When students come home, it’s a luxury to sit, chill, and catch up your family on the latest news going on at the yard. Since it’s also the holiday season it seems like everyone is so jolly and happy to see one another.

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