Chris Brown rants on twitter about life

Chris Brown rants on twitter about life

Since the birth of daughter Royalty, Chris Brown has become very low key and level headed.

Chris took to Twitter early Monday morning to go on a 20 tweet rant giving his opinion on different topics that are current dealing with current events.

Twitter rants are not a new nature for Chris so once the tweets started to flow, fans were waiting to see what else was going to be said before the tweets were deleted.

Speaking on Black Lives Matter, war, and being a black man in America, Chris’ ultimate statement was that #alllivesmatter and be who you are regardless of any circumstances.

Chris enlightened his fans and followers on his thoughts about society stating that “society is controlled by fear” and challenged those to be conformed and live beyond the limits.

Chris Brown’s new album ‘Royalty’ will be released on December 18 and to read the rest of his rant, check out his twitter page @chrisbrown.


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