#BlackGirlMagic: My Top 7 Favorite College YouTubers !

#BlackGirlMagic: My Top 7 Favorite College YouTubers !

Being in college with either crappy cable, very limited channels, and little to no time, Youtube is one of few options that I have to watch. My favorite thing is to watch YouTube gurus share their lives through vlogs, make-up tutorials, lookbooks, or story time videos. It gives you an insight on others lives similar to yours and a way to connect with people all across the world. It is also really inspiring to see black girls in school, making their dreams come true, and being role models while giving a glimpse of their day to day living basis.  I have a YouTube sisterhood family in my head lol so here’s a list of my favorite YouTubers:

(no particular order)

1. Ginae Maul College Vlog

Ginae is probably my favorite YouTuber because she’s the most similar to me.  Ginae is a college student at Mizzou University and her channel is filled with college vlogs, beauty, and talk videos. She’s very transparent about her life and gives the real experience of balancing turning up and college work.  She’s the most relatable to me and the key to finding your favorite YouTubers to watch is to fine those you can see yourself being best friends with, so in my YouTube sisterhood family, Ginae would be my ride or die best friend!

2. Jayla Koriyan 

If you’re an excessive YouTube watcher like me then you’ve seen Jayla Koriyan. Jayla is a HBCU student like myself, but she’s now currently a student at FIT in New York. Her channel is a mixture of college vlogs and beauty videos that are always entertaining! One thing about Jayla that I love is that her make-up and hair videos are always so detailed and she has all the insight on the products that you want to try. From following Jayla for almost a year now it’s great to see her set her goals and follow them. In my YouTube sisterhood family, Jayla would be my best friend that I would love to just act silly and get dolled up and go out with !

3. BeautyandBrains5

Brelynn Barbie is my favorite YouTuber when doing reviews on anything because she’s so honest! Brelynn is a student at Spelman College and she’s very inspirational leader in her school and home community based on her vlogs. She does a lot of Get Ready With Me videos, lookbooks, and hair reviews with products that are affordable for the average college student! Like I said she’s honest, and won’t stray her subscribers in the wrong direction. Brelynn is that one friend I would go to all the college seminars and talk about my goals with. We all need friends like this in college!

4. Adrienne Show

Adrienne is thee funniest person that I am subscribed to! She’s that crazy best friend that is extra but you love it so much! My favorite type of videos from Adrienne Show is her rants because she’s a realist like me, she really doesn’t have a filter. She’s seriously hilarious. Another aspect that I truly love about Adrienne is that she seriously deeply cares for her subscribers. She does a segment on her channel called “Tell Adrienne” where anyone can email them her issues or problems and she gives advice which I admire about her. Also in the summer she gathered about 20 girls in a group message to encourage healthy living which was also really inspiring. So of course Adrienne would be my friend I would cry, complain, and vent to because I know she would give great advice.

5. JadeAshley94

Jade Ashley is different from anyone on this list because she has one specific niche. Jade Ashley is an aspiring radio TV personality just like me and I’m not sure how I found her but again, she’s really relatable. Her entertainment series, “When the Beat Drops” gives all of the latest news and dissects  the gossip. Her New York accent and her presence really grabs my attention. Jade would be definitely be my career sister, we could definitely host a TV or radio show together!

6. Kathryn Bedell 

Kat is also a college student that vlogs and does hair and make-up videos. She’s super chill and gives subscribers all of the inside tips on affordable make-up. I found Kat from her early videos on how to do a sew-in on yourself and her channel has blossomed! I really enjoy her make-up and hair  videos the most so she definitely would be my friend that will be slaying my hair and beating my face.

7. Forever Hillary 

Forever Hillary is the only one on the list that I’ve actually met in person and she’s really cool. Attending Texas Southern University, Forever Hillary is a vlogger but also does fun videos like hair reviews and tags. She and I came into this YouTube game around the same time and are growing together! She’s really funny and likes go out on girl days and chill so Hillary will definitely be that friend I would go on girls night out trips with.

When you’re watching other people’s day to day life, it’s like a connection that you make with people through social media. I’ve learned many things from watching the girls above and have gotten plenty of laughs so make sure you guys subscribe to them and also be sure check out my channel!

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