Taye Diggs wants son to be identified as ‘mixed’ not just black

Taye Diggs wants son to be identified as ‘mixed’ not just black

In an interview, Best Man actor Taye Diggs tells TheGrio.com that he doesn’t want his son to identify with black but biracial.

TheGrio.com interviewed Diggs on his second published children’s book, ‘Miked Like Me’, based off of his son Walker.

“As African-Americans we were so quick to say okay he’s black he’s black, and then there were the white people who were afraid to say he was biracial because who knows,” said Diggs.  “It would be great if it didn’t matter and that people could call him mixed. We’re still choosing to make that decision, and that’s when I think you get into some dangerous waters.

The actor also feel as though president Barack Obama should be identified as the first mixed president rather the first black president.

Releasing the book ‘Mixed Like Me’ and his first book ‘Chocolate Like Me’, based on his life growing up being black in an all white neighborhood, Diggs hopes to promote self love.

Whether Walker chooses to be identify with just white or mixed, society will ultimately make that decision for him.

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